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Malicious Website PC Performer Softwares Contain Viruses

Date: August 14, 2012 3:20 PM - Views: 52,869 - Comments: 30
Malicious Website PC Performer Softwares Contain Viruses

The website or claims that their software can prevent your computer from crashing, speed up your computer, protect your privacy, speed up memory and disk performace. But, after downloading their software and scanning it for malicious programs, I found two adwares.

Currently, please do not download and install any software from or

This is how or looks:

This is how looks


The following softwares were downloaded from (Performersoft LLC) and both contain adwares:

PCPerformerSetup.exe and BestCodecsPack.exe

Both files contain the following adwares (anti-virus software ESET reported both adwares):

1: Comodo ApplicUnwnt.Win32.AdWare.IBrain.C
2: ESET-NOD32 a variant of Win32/InstallBrain.B 20120814

These files were scan at websites and

Please see the malware scan results below:

ESET detecting virus in PC Performer Softwares

How to remove

Use the programs below to remove and the other unwanted programs that were installed on your computer by this software:

Avast Browser Cleanup: Click here for instructions to download and use this program.
AdwCleaner: Click here for instructions to download and use this program.

After downloading these programs, ensure that you close all web browsers. Run the "Avast Browser Cleanup" program first, and then the "AdwCleaner" program.

You will be asked to reboot your computer, please do so, in order to completely emoveWebCake and the other unwanted programs from your computer.

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Comments or Questions (30)

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  • Anonymous: 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    Thats why i use linux. ~

  • Anonymous: 8 months, 1 week ago

    I got badly infected with, Open It, Right Surf and Adaware after a failed install of the PAID FOR version of Teracopy!!

    Teracopy DO have a tech support section but DO NOT respond to any issues relating to the infected installer - which was downloaded directly from their own company site - not a third party.

    And they DO NOT refund the $20 USD for the failed Teracopy download either.

    BEWARE!! ~

  • Anonymous: 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    I believe is the same folks. ~

  • Anonymous: Aug 19, 2013 is on a page on my new laptop but when I click on x to get rid of it it wont let me do anything apart from ok to install codec how do I get round it ~

  • info: Apr 5, 2013

    Try these antivirus software:

    Comodo: Click here to download

    ESET Free Trial: Click here to download ~

  • Anonymous: Apr 5, 2013

    The infestation from appround. is causing popups and slow down and malwarebytes doesn't detect it nor avg nor windows essentials. i saw the codecs ad and brazilian girl dd in downloads folder, don't know how they were dowloaded. Will me deleting from file location on pc get rid of them or is there a removal tool? ~

  • Anonymous: Apr 4, 2013

    MALWAREBYTES does not detect or get rid of apprond pop ups and slow pc. avg doesn't detect nr does windows essetalsl ~

  • Anonymous: Apr 4, 2013

    Dunno if anyone else has experienced this, but just a while ago when I opened up bittorrent, a task - named something like "pcperformer bittorrent", just smaller than 700 kB - was downloading. I don't ever recall opening a torrent file or clicking a magnet link associated with that task, so I removed it without hesitation. Now I'm left to wonder - is this some kind of a newer, more aggressive breed of trojans? ~

  • Info: Mar 29, 2013

    Try ESET antivirus. Download the trial version. See link below or google it. ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 29, 2013

    Hello currently I am have trouble in trying to get rid of two bits of Malware from my Hotmail server and computer in general The two I refer to are and You have recommended downloading Malwarebytes which I have had on my computer for some time now and I find it very very good. However, I just can not seem to get rid of this Malware. Can you please suggest some thing else that will work. Thank you. ~

  • info: Mar 26, 2013

    Try ESET. Go to, download and install the trial version. Do a full scan of your computer after the installation. ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 26, 2013

    Malwarebytes is not detecting it. ANything else I can use to eliminate it from my computer? ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 16, 2013

    I pretty much thought that this was the case and I close it every time it pops up. How can I prevent it from popping up? ~

  • info: Feb 13, 2013

    Scan your computer with Malwarebytes: Click here to download ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 13, 2013

    i am trying to download vlc media player, it gets as far as download now, and then pc performer pops up vlc stops downloading as pc performer starts scanning my pc, vlc just disappears, no download, i stop the pc performers scan as i dont want it on my pc, i go into programs and uninstall it,am i doing something wrong, i really dont want pc performer scanning my pc, (had problems before with it) but is it part of the vlc download, am i stopping the vlc download because i stop the pc performer scan ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 6, 2013

    I already did it, woodsy daisy. Now I know where to search first but, i will verify if my computer is faster after today and if it is not, this site will be done for false info to the public. ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 2, 2013


    annoying and a nuisance!!

    Continuously sent this type of 'pop up' which only seem to want my bank details!!

    I have the awful feeling that they are downloading malicious software to make my computer not work correctly!

    Isn't that illegal?? ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 31, 2013

    You have been popping up on my computer, I am not now nor wil I ever interested your services, and I do not thave take this further, I mean stop now.

    J Sonnier ~

  • info: Jan 27, 2013

    Try Rogue Killer. Click the link to download ~

  • info: Jan 10, 2013

    Use Malwarebytes: Click here ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 10, 2013

    so how do you get rid of it? the link above DOES NOT WORK ~

  • Anonymous: Dec 12, 2012

    Use Malwarebytes and Spybot to clean these crap a** things and dont download things you have no idea about! Stay safe, cheers. :) ~

  • Anonymous: Sep 21, 2012

    how can i take it out of my pc? ~

  • Anonymous: Sep 21, 2012

    my friend said pc performersoft is a kind of virus. i downloaded accidentially because i did not know it. now i am unable to delete it from my pc. can you help me to take it out. thanks. ~

  • karlasillen : Aug 30, 2012

    PC Performer Softwares, i don't think so it Contain any kind of Viruses. I too using that and it giving great work. ~

  • Anonymous: Aug 22, 2012

    good ~

  • info: Aug 22, 2012

    Anti-virus McAfee-GW-Edition has detected the malicious code "Heuristic.BehavesLike.Exploit.CodeExec.O" in the PCPerformerSetup.exe file. ~

  • Anonymous: Aug 22, 2012

    NO Antivirus EXCEPT Eset finds a virus when tested by TWENTY programs????

    So, either Eset is superior to ALL OTHERS or it's a false positive.

    I'd believe the 19 over the one. ~

  • Anonymous: Aug 18, 2012

    I'm amazed that this site is flagged as malicious for several days and it is still active. I pointed to the FCCU by phone. ~

  • Anonymous: Aug 18, 2012

    how to eliminate this site? I want to say that at first he attacks the computer making it very slow and it offers a download that will make rapid ~

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