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Fraudulent Websites Claiming To Sell Garcinia Cambogia

Date: January 14, 2013 9:46 AM - Views: 10,698 - Article ID:4815 - Comments: 28
Fraudulent Websites Claiming To Sell Garcinia Cambogia

The website is fraudulent, claiming to sell the product "Garcinia Cambogia". Do not be fooled by the "CNN", "CBS" and "MSNBC" logos that the scammers have placed on the website. The Facebook "likes" are false and, if you click on the Facebook "Like" button or any other links, you will be taken another fraudulent website, to order the product.

This is how the fraudulent website looks:

 fraudulent website

This is how the fraudulent website looks:

fraudulent website

If you try to place an order (DO NOT) on this website, you will be redirected this website

If you end up on any of these websites, please DO NOT submit your credit card and personal information. Do not try to place an order.

These websites are set up to steal your credit card and personal information. There maybe other websites on the internet claiming to sell the same product so, always ensure that you order products from popular online websites only.

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Comments or Questions (28)

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  • Anonymous: 1 week, 6 days ago

    It happened to me and now they charged my account again, what do I do?

    • info: 1 week, 6 days ago

      Contact your bank or credit card company and dispute the charges.

  • Anonymous: 2 months, 1 week ago

    do not use authenticgarciniacambogia .net/promotion/uk!! I placed on order for what i thought was a 2 weeks free trial i do not remember a terms and conditions but there must have been one i had an extremelly basic email with confirmation orders for 2 products on the 1/2/14 recieved them on the 5/2/14 and was then debited £140 on the 17th which absolutely mortified me. I rang up the complained they didnt understand complaint and tried to sell me another product. After getting rather irate they offered me 25% refund which i stated was not good enough i wanted the website reference# of call name etc rang up again today to be told i have already accepted the 25% refund and it was recorded. I asked to speak to the highest member of staff which apparently were all at lunch. I got rather upset and told them yhey need to review that recording as i said no such thing. After 10 mins on the phone i got offered a 50% refund and am waiting to see what happens : (

    • Anonymous: 1 month, 2 weeks ago

      I did try it out send it back and never get my refund, they stole my money fraud

  • Anonymous: 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    Do not order from powergarcinia .com, I foolishly did not read and test phone numbers: the contact number I finally called is listed to America's Hottest Talk. there are two sites I would not recommend as they both have the same contact number. Do not order from as they have the same phone number for a contact number which is America's Hottest Talk. I am in a battle right now with them and have also contacted the local police in Lewiston, Maine which is where this product and call service is out of on 41 Canal Street. The support contact for both is in London England and one has a support address, the other does not.

  • Anonymous: 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Blocking one "trader" on your credit card is not effective. Some of this crowd operate as multiple traders. I.e. if you order two items it will show up as two different traders in your statement. The only safe way is to raise this with your credit card provider block the card and re-issue with different number. Maybe a pain if you use the card for regular payment like phone plan etc but the only way to be safe.

    A whole bunch ( in excess of 20 operating from just two mail drop addresses) of companies were created In UK predominantly with the name including "Nutra" during the last quarter of 2013. UK registered companies with a single US director of ambiguous address in US. Web domains purchased via Panamanian company whose purpose is to obscure ownership of the domain. Offer of free sample (pay postage only)then hidden small print saying that you will also be charged full price (lot more than your local pharmacy) for ongoing supplies starting before you even receive the initial trial/free bottle.

    • Anonymous: 1 week, 3 days ago

      Please post details of the companies in London. I am tracking their spoof emails through a Saudi Arabian posting address being routed through a Mexican Server, their website IP is ownerid: MX-USCV4-LACNIC. The companies I can find are all registered by a "reputable" chartered accountant who's practice is on the same street as the Finchley Mosque that the 7/11 bombers attended. This is starting to look like a money laundering operation rather than a simple scam. I would be very interested to know who the American director is (perhaps an attorney specialising in offshore shells by any chance). Department of Homeland Security and MI5 will be on these guys cases if we the well intentioned general public can give a helping hand.

      • Anonymous: 1 week, 1 day ago

        I bought this product and similarly to stories before was charged £140.00 after two weeks. The difference is that it happened only yesterday I called to ask for the reference number to be able to return the product but was refused any help with reputed explanation of terms and conditions that after 14 days there is no possibility of returning the product and getting a refund. The advertisement appeared as one of those sponsored Facebook pages. I was also assured that the money was taken from my account several days earlier but in fact the money was taken yesterday after my conversation with the customer services . After this conversation i called my bank to block the payment but I was I informed that it will not be immediate and any payments requested after the midnight will be refunded.

        I did not received any email with confirmation but only a message at the end of the buying process photo of which I luckily took.

  • info: 6 months, 0 week ago

    The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gave Healthy Choice Garcinia(hxxps:// a grade of "F". The grading system goes from "A", which is the highest, to "F" the lowest.

    Click here for more information at the The Better Business Bureau website.

  • Anonymous: 6 months, 0 week ago

    how can I find out if this website is legitimate not con.

  • Anonymous: 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    I ordered a free trial of x1 bottle of Garcinia Cambogia for $2.95 freight….only to be charged $89 on my debit card. I rang the ‘company’ to demanded for my money back a person i spoke wih said wrong number since then i have been trying to get them on phone or email but to no avail and I havent even received the product yet?! The only receipt I have from them states $2.95 charged on my debit card. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME TO GET THEIR CONTACT NUMBER THIS PEOPLE ARE COMPLETE SCAM.

    • Anonymous: 1 month, 4 weeks ago

      I just spoke to a company that we had the problem with. Next to the charge on our statement was a telephone number 888-285-2033. I called and they explained that the 2.95 is a trial cost. They send you a months supply and if you don't call to cancel your new "monthly subscription" then you are charged for that first bottle. They have cancelled our subscription and have been told they will credit half of the 89.00. I will know in a few days. Our credit card company told us that if there are any future charged, we can dispute and will not have to pay. If it sounds too good to be and learn. Good luck.

    • Anonymous: 2 months, 3 weeks ago

      same thing is happening to me....I will be closing my checking account and totally starting over!

  • Anonymous: 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    File with the Better Business Bureau they have helped some people get refunds. The Atlanta officehsad over 350 complaints.

  • Anonymous: 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    I also ordered this product. When I ordered it I thought I was only paying $2.95 for 2 Bottles, as the ad said. Then I checked my Bank Account and they charged me $159. So I called them on it and they said when I receive it to send it right back. So I did expecting a full refund. After numerous times of calling them and getting the run around, they told me they only refund Half of the money which is $79.50. I am in the process of having my Bank fight them for the rest.

  • Anonymous: May 17, 2013

    I bought from this website not knowing! Should I throw the product out?

  • Anonymous: Apr 20, 2013

    I, too, received the Garcinia Cambogia Fat Buster link from a friend. I foolishly thought it sounded great and selected the option to order 3 bottles @ $31 each (w/ 2 additional bottles free) for a total of 5. Then they ask for your credit card information on a secure page I then hit "submit", but rather than having the next screen asking me to review my order it automatically bounced to an order confirmation page charging my card an extra $70 dollars AND with small print on the bottom advising that they were automatically signing me up for and charging my card $9.47 monthly. I called and they refuse to cancel the order, but offered me a discount of %30 which is still more than the advertised price of the product. A total hoax and rip-off. DON'T ORDER THE GARCINIA CAMBOGIA / COFFEE EXTRACT OR RASPBERRY KETONES FROM THIS SITE that first shows the Dr. Oz program on the product.

    • Anonymous: 2 months, 1 week ago

      It was purely a scam. The same incident happened to me as well. First the email seem to come from a friend, so I thought it was genuine and order the product free at $2.95, and then order some other product at a discount. It was terrible, my credit card was debited by the amount of about $1300. When I tried to stop the banker from debiting the amount, I was told that it was already debited from my account. I was cheated and it was purely a scam.
      After a lapse of few months, the same company concerned, with phone No. (888)373-3911 with email address support and with title "Puregarcinia" email to me again, stating that I have Annual Subscription of the product, and again deduct my mastercard amount of $1300.
      This is really a scam and cheating through internet. I was again cheated thru internet.
      I didn't make any order at all, yet they have my credit detail and debit my money.
      I have no other choice and finally have to close my credit account.

  • Anonymous: Apr 17, 2013

    I believe this is another fraudulent website.

    I placed an order today. After I hit proceed order, the page blanked out. Stupidly, I went back and re-entered, resubmitted my order. Again, page blanked out. No email or order confirmation. I checked my online banking account and it was already processing two payments for these "orders". I quickly called my bank. Depending on your bank's policy, they will direct you to claims department and hopefully will work with you to refund the monies. I suggest also closing that bank card, as I did, since this information was submitted over the web and could further be used by these scammers.

    The webpage looked so legitimate too. However, I should have looked further. Their contact info was very vague. I couldn't even determine what country or phone number I could contact. Grrr. Well lesson learned. Best thing to do is contact your bank immediately.

    • Anonymous: 1 month, 1 week ago

      That website is a fraudulent site as well as a huge scam. I was browsing a site to learn about Garcinia Cambogia when a pop up offer for a FREE BOTTLE (which had a limited supply, supposedly).

      Nothing in this world is FREE. When I received the bottle in arrived in a plain padded envelope with no Packing Slip enclosed with it nor was there any other information. I thought it was strange, but put it out of my mind.

      Today, approximately 1 month later, I got a call from my Credit Card Fraud Dept. checking into a$89.99 charge from Pure Garginia which they said came through at 3:00 a.m. I explained the circumstance of this item (A Free Offer) and they will not pay the charge and are cancelling my Credit Card Number and re-issuing a new card.

      Thank heaven for their alertness. Besides that, they stated that a subscription was agreed to and it would be a monthly charge. I can't believe how Stupid I could be by not checking them out ahead of time.

      I hope I won't be bugged by them for payment because they can sue me before I will let them use their misleading promotion to get me to honor my SUPPOSED SUBSCRIPTION.

  • info: Apr 11, 2013

    It doesn't mean that your friend account was hacked; it seems someone spoofed his email address. Click here to learn about Email Spoofing

  • Anonymous: Apr 11, 2013

    I got an Email from a friend from this link and I click and it brings me to , and my friend did not send this email to anyone, does this mean someone hacked his account or something , I don't know if this is a virus or not and don't know how to get rid of it.

  • Anonymous: Apr 2, 2013

    We are a (legitimate) seller of Garcinia Cambogia and have been getting a number of calls from people looking for the product they ordered. Problem is - we never sold it to them. What seems to be happening is that people are browsing the web looking for this product, being infected and looking at other sites. They're then somehow being redirected back to the infected site to purchase. When their product fails to shows up (its amazing how long people will wait!)they begin calling any company that displays a telephone number in their ad.

    We've been directing people to call their bank and have the transaction flagged - the name appearing on credit statements seems to be simply "Garcinia Cambogia".

  • Anonymous: Mar 31, 2013

    Order Number: 1688687 Ordered on: 03/13/2013 03:15am
    still i am not received

  • Anonymous: Mar 16, 2013

    Please contact your bank for help.

  • Anonymous: Mar 16, 2013

    i am suspecting that i am victim of online fraud, I bought a product from . i already paid around 60$ online from our credit card, yesterday i also received a mail regarding shipment from : But i think it is fraud.Please help me.

  • info: Mar 16, 2013

    Currently, you cannot stop spam.

  • Anonymous: Mar 11, 2013

    How can I stop it from emailing people from my contact list?

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