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Subpoena for Attendance Investigative Procedure Virus Email

Date: December 21, 2013 9:01 AM - Views: 2,087 - Article ID:5264 - Comment: 0
Subpoena for Attendance Investigative Procedure Virus Email

The email message below: "Subpoena For Attendance At Hearing on the investigative procedure title in this Regional processing", has a malicious computer program attached that will infect your Windows computer if you open it. The message was not sent by Department of Federal Police - DPF although it may appear so, tries to trick the recipients into opening the malicious attachment by claiming that their subpoena for their attendance at a hearing.

The Investigative Procedure Virus Email Message

Subject: FW: INVESTIGATIVE PROCEDURE ID: 5694967225523469 21/12/2013 02:07:32

SUBPOENA FOR ATTENDANCE AT HEARING on the investigative procedure title in this Regional processing, order as attached.

: SUBPOENA ID:                -              Updated.
: CASE NO:          -              907617823M .
: PRECENÇA IT:  -              Disabled .
ANNEX :  Subpoena-MPF.SCR "  (32k)

© Copyright Department of Federal Police - DPF.
Coordination of Information Technology - CTI, Brasilia-DF

This message is intended only for the person (s) (s) to whom it is addressed and may contain confidential and / or legally privileged information. since now you are advised to abstain disclose, copy, distribute, check or, otherwise, use the information contained in this message, it is illegal. If you have received this message by mistake, please return this e-mail promoting, first, the removal of your content in your database, registrations or controls system. Is devoid of effectiveness and validity the message that bears any mandatory links, issued by someone who does not hold power of attorney.
21/12/2013 02:07:32

The Email message in Portuguese, its original form.

Subject: FW: PROCEDIMENTO INVESTIGATORIO ID: 5694967225523469 21/12/2013 02:07:32


INTIMAÇÃO PARA COMPARECIMENTO EM AUDIÊNCIA, relativa ao procedimento investigatório em epígrafe, em tramitação nesta Regional, conforme despacho em anexo.

: INTIMAÇÃO ID:              -              Atualizado.
: PROCESSO Nº :               -              907617823M.
: PRECENÇA IT : -              Desabilitado.

© Copyright Departamento de Policia Federal - DPF.
Coordenação de Tecnologia da Informação - CTI, Brasília-DF


If you click the links in this email message you will be taken to the malicious website below:
hxxp://tron-nn .com/images/banners/

The following file will be downloaded to your computer:

This file contains a malicious computer program called a Trojan horse that will infect your computer if you try to open it.

Here is the malicious file that contains the Trojan horse:

The name of this Trojan is Downloader.Banload2.EKC.

AVG Free antivirus software blocking the Trojan horse Downloader.Banload2.EKC:

AVG Free antivirus software blocking the Trojan horse Downloader.Banload2.EKC

Now, if you have already opened this malicious attachment (MDPFintimaçãoID223409&PF.cpl), please do a full scan of your computer with the antivirus software installed on it. The name of the attachment may change, so be careful when opening email attachments. 

If you don’t have antivirus software installed on your computer, please click here for a list of free antivirus software.

Never open an attachment that has a name ending with “.cpl”, because these are computer programs that can infect your computer with a virus or some other malware.

Click here for a list of email attachments you should never open, regardless of where they came from.

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