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Facebook Malicious Post: OMG, Girl Dies After having S*x With a Horse!

Date: May 03, 2013 12:04 PM - Views: 10,066 - Article ID:4949 - Comment: 0
Facebook Malicious Post: OMG, Girl Dies After having S*x With a Horse!

Scammers and hackers are promising to show their victims sexually explicit photos or videos to lure them to malicious websites, where they will trick them into sharing a malicious Facebook post or taking control of their Facebook accounts. Here is one such Facebook post that these criminals are using; it has the title "OMG, Girl Dies After having Painful S*x With a Horse!", which promises to show the victims a video regarding the title.

This is how the Facebook post "OMG, Girl Dies After having S*x With a Horse!" looks

OMG, Girl Dies After having Painful S*x With a Horse!

If you click on this post, you will be taken the malicious web pages below:


On each web page, you will be asked to share this post before you can view the video. Please DO NOT share this post because there is no video. This is a scam to trick you into spreading this malicious Facebook post to all of your friends.

This is how the web pages look

Website OMG, Girl Dies After having S*x With a Horse!

The easiest way to trick someone into clicking on a malicious link is to show that person a sexually explicit photo with a link that says "Click to view or play".

So, if any photo of this kind is displayed on your Facebook Wall, Timeline or on any other social networking websites, most or all of the time, it is a trick to take you to a malicious or spam website.

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