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Anorexia Made Her a Freak (Video) Fake Facebook Post

Date: August 22, 2013 10:19 AM - Views: 5,639 - Article ID:5118 - Comment: 0
Anorexia Made Her a Freak (Video) Fake Facebook Post

The Facebook post below: "Anorexia made her a FREAK (VIDEO)", is spreading on Facebook again because of a hidden trick it uses to fool persons into sharing it with their friends. The post is a fake and was designed by scammers to trick you into completing surveys which they (scammers) will be paid for.

The Facebook Post: Anorexia made her a FREAK (VIDEO)

he Facebook Post: Anorexia made her a FREAK (VIDEO)

Anorexia made her a FREAK (VIDEO)
She is one of the most beloved journalists in her country. For years she presented TV shows for showbiz. Now she is a radio producer. Last years she gives a great fight with anorexia while now her image is not in anything resembling the glamorous girl we knew before.

“Too shocking” or “So sad” or “Eat your food”
(VIDEO AND PICS) Anorexia made her a CREATURE!
She was an extremely sublime girl with lots of fans.Until she had a big fracas with anorexia. Unfortunately, she forget that fight as anorexia prooved rugged. Just in a few months she was be transformed into to “something else”….A creature… A figure that do not remind this beautiful blond girl a…

If a curios Facebook user clicks on this post, he/she will be taken to a fake web page appearing to have a YouTube video, which is blocked out. The user will be asked to complete a survey or more in order to view or unblock the video. There is no video and the scammers behind this fake Facebook post will be paid for each survey that is completed.

Furthermore, the web page will ask the user to prove that he/she is a human by asking him/her to enter some text called Captcha. This is no human test, but is a hidden trick used to share or sent this fake post to the user's Facebook friends by posting the text the user entered with a link to the same fake website.

If this post appears on your Facebook Wall or Timeline, please use the "Report Story/Spam" button to report it to Facebook or delete it.

Facebook Report Story or Spam

Do not share, comment on, "like" or follow the instructions on the fake web page because there is no video.

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