What is the website www.semalt .com about?

Date: January 01, 2014 11:12 PM - Views: 101,654 - Comments: 99
What is the website www.semalt .com about?

Today I found the website www.semalt .com in my web server, Google Analytics and Adsense traffic logs. The website home page only allows you to sign-in or register. It doesn't provide any information about itself. There is no FAQ, "About us" or "Contact us" page. A lot of persons have also been seeing www.semalt .com in their logs and have been asking me to provide them with information about this website. So, what is the website www.semalt .com about?

The website www.semalt .com home page

The website www.semalt.com home page

It's easy to understand what's going on with your Google Rankings

We were able to gather the following information about this website:

Domain Name: SEMALT .COM
Creation Date:  2013-09-04
Expiration Date:  2014-09-04
Alexa Rank:   76,173
Title:  Webmaster Analytics Tool
Description:  Professional keyword ranking monitoring service with competitor analysis. Free plans.

Located in the Netherlands, the website claims it is a webmaster keyword ranking analytics tool and seems to provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.

The website www.semalt.com

The service this website provides and is asking you to pay for, is available online for free.

The website www.semalt.com

Other suspicious things about this website:

  • it is only registered for the minimum registration period of one year: 2013-09-04 to 2014-09-04. Most websites registered for one year are usually fakes.
  • it doesn't have a secure connection (SSL). https://www.semalt .com doesn't work.
  • it uses a third party website (fastspring) to process payments

Their payment page is located at:
https://sites.fastspring .com/semalt/instant/ semaltsmallbusiness?referrer=1

We do not recommend using this website. 

If you have any information about this website, please submit via comment below.

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  • Anonymous: 2 months, 1 week ago from: New York, New York, United States

    just google "semalt" "botnet" and "spam" ~

  • Anonymous: 2 months, 1 week ago from: New York, New York, United States

    this is who semalt is... a bunch of criminals in the ukraine:

    Semalt hijacks hundreds of Thousands of Computers to Launch a Referrer Spam Campaign. ~

  • Anonymous: 2 months, 1 week ago from: Marysville, Washington, United States

    I have a yahoo commercial website that provide an analysis of traffic to my website. In a recent report on the traffic to my website it stated:

    Your top referrer is 'Semalt' with *** clicks

    Based upon the above description of what Semalt is this seems a bit strange to me. ~

  • Anonymous: 3 months, 2 weeks ago from: United States

    One of our family law attorney sites "BHDivorceLawyer .com" gets a lot of hits from semalt. My guess is they know people who run sites regularly look at traffic sources.

    They will see semalt and decide it's worth looking into. They then go to the web-site as are curious, and might even sign-up thinking this is a great source of traffic.

    This might be how semalt gets customers - by somehow acting as some kind of referral service that shows up on analytics (such as google analytics).

    For one of our other sites - "www.lawyer .coffee" - they barely show up at all though. Maybe semalt hasn't figured out the new TLDs (top level domains) yet.

    Either way, we are not planning to pay for any of their services or going to their web-site again. We are staying with businesses which have been helping bring qualified customers to our sites. ~

  • Anonymous: 6 months, 3 weeks ago from: Boise, Idaho, United States

    It looks like they took your advice, semalt.com is registered now for a few years, whois.com says they're registered until Sep 2019.

    I guess they will be a pain in the ___ for a long time to come. ~

  • Anonymous: 7 months, 0 week ago from: United States

    I run a very small business that has an almost impossible-to-market item - the Codatron(TM), and on rare occasion use Google Analytics to see "what is happening".

    Recently, on curiosity, I tried the "all traffic" for the Aug1 to Sep10 period.
    What I saw, gave me a WTF?
    Six of the ten sources mentioned semalt .com as a referral source.

    Now, as I understand it, referrals are (supposed) to be good - but what are they saying and is it good for (mythical, almost non-existent) business?
    How the heck did they get involved?

    Two other referral sources mentioned some Spanish _musical_ source and a YouTube downloader.
    Extreme WTF?

    I would appreciate illumination on this funny business.

    R. Baer ~

  • Anonymous: 7 months, 2 weeks ago from: Winsted, Connecticut, United States

    I get a lot of hits from this site and others like it too. semalt .com and 23.semalt .com and 24.semalt .com.

    Is this helping or hurting me? I don't get any sales from the hits. ~

  • Anonymous: 8 months, 0 week ago from: Mission Viejo, California, United States

    I take significant offense regarding your statement, "Most websites registered for one year are usually fakes."

    That is not even remotely true. Many small web developers, or even most, are working on a shoestring budget and may own several domains and may CHOOSE NOT to register all of them for multiple years at a time. It is just a matter of economics. There is nothing wrong with registering domains year by year. It spreads out the tax break, and IT DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE FAKE. Lots of people, myself included, work very hard to make high quality sites even though we register a year at a time.

    Your statement says a lot about you and an apparent lack of understanding of what a lot of family businesses go through trying to make a living on an internet site. ~

    • Anonymous: 3 months, 3 weeks ago from: London, London,

      Here, here. I second that. ~

    • Anonymous: 7 months, 4 weeks ago from: Makati, Manila, Philippines

      such an idiotic response... if you are a legitimate business, I suggest you stop this method of crawling random websites just because that's the type of business you do, but you're fronting as an SEO company? that's bs! ~

    • info: 8 months, 0 week ago

      The keywords in the statement are "Most" and "usually". It didn't say "all" and "always". Your websites and some others are not fakes, but there are hundreds of websites or domain names registered by scammers that are being used to trick persons into stealing their information and money.

      And, these websites are only registered for the minimum registration period of one year, because the scammers behind them know that they will soon be discovered and shut-down. If you want to show me that you believe in your business, invest a little money in it. ~

  • Anonymous: 8 months, 2 weeks ago from: Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom

    semalt is a criminal organisation ~

  • Anonymous: 8 months, 3 weeks ago from: Huixquilucan, México, Mexico

    Good Day all!

    We started seeing Semalt appear in our analytics during january of 2014 and within 6 weeks we were seeing it on every website on our dedicated server hitting our sites up to 100 times a day with their spam.

    We investigated the IP addresses of origin but they are bouncing all around the world from Brazil to Japan so IP blocking was not an option. Wordpress and other websites posted solutions to block the referrer from .htaccess file on the website and so SEMALT got creative and began running semalt dot semalt dot com to avoid those referrer blocks so now you have to update that to prevent that subdomain from referrer spamming.

    Another approach was to block at the server level not domain level and now after months of trying to get rid of these referral spammers just using bandwith and creating havoc on our analytics reports (elevated bounce rates, excessive referals etc) they have created a new domain to take the place of semalt as it will expire on 14 septiembre 2014.

    Here are the new referral spammers to look for in your statistics.

    http://musicas.kambasoft .com/2.php?u=yourdomain.com

    http://youtube-downloader.savetubevideo .com/youtube-downloader.php?u=yourdomain.com

    http://17.kambasoft .com/2.php?u=yourdomain.com

    Kamba Soft has a bunch of sub domains to avoid getting blocked as you can see from words to numbers 1 to 120 so far we have seen.

    If the information is that important to them that they have to scam and cheat then most likely what this Ukraine or Russian web company has in mind is not in our best interests.

    They say it is "harvesting website information" well that word "harvesting" bothers me at all levels.

    As a dedicated website owner we are trying to find a global solution to the problem. keep your eye in your logs for those that have ".php?u" in the url that is them changing domains.

    Kevin ~

    • Anonymous: 8 months, 1 week ago from: Gold, Jammu and Kashmir, India

      Hi, you can remove your url from here http://semalt .com/project_crawler.php ~

      • Anonymous: 2 months, 4 weeks ago from: Sweden

        Already tried their "removal service" several times, and it hasn't worked on any of our sites... ~

  • Anonymous: 8 months, 4 weeks ago from: La Quinta, California, United States

    Semalt .com has been "referring" its bot to my ecommerce site almost every day lately. I am quite suspicious of it. After reading the comments posted here, it seems I'm not the only one, so I am passing it on. ~

    • Anonymous: 8 months, 2 weeks ago from: Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia

      They tried to use our email for bulk mail outs but were blocked my ISP.

      Also twitter account getting hundreds of dodgy followers. We are finding out more about them from a friend in Russia. ~

  • Anonymous: 9 months, 0 week ago from: Saint Catharines, Ontario, Canada

    Can someone help me out? I'm not a tech person by any means and I host my site through VistaPrint so I wouldn't know how to do anything html if my life depended on it. haha.

    But this semalt thing is driving me crazy as I don't know what it is or if I should be concerned.

    This is the link that keeps showing up in the stats: http://semalt.semalt .com/crawler.php?u=http:// (and then my web address)

    Is this something to be worried about? How can I stop them from visiting my site, especially if I don't use html to do my own coding. It's all just templates. Thanks. ~

    • info: 9 months, 0 week ago

      Read the comments below for information. ~

  • Anonymous: 9 months, 1 week ago from: Jacksonville, Florida, United States

    I have seen it several times on my website and obviously it crawls about your site and then later sends email with your email address used in it to go to other people/sites and other countries.

    I also have received many, many emails junking up my mailbox. Someone with a bit of knowledge needs to "swat" this horrible bug into the ground. Good riddance to bad bugs and their rubbish.

    Appreciate the info shared here. ~

  • Anonymous: 9 months, 2 weeks ago from: United Kingdom

    You could also report them to their registrars by contacting

    abuse @name.com

    They need to be shut down. ~

  • Anonymous: 9 months, 3 weeks ago from: Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, Canarias, Spain

    In the site settings it is possible to turn off the visits from bots. I just did this. Let's see if it helps... ~

  • Anonymous: 10 months, 4 weeks ago from: United Kingdom

    I'm sick and tired of dealing with their rogue bots that constantly messes up my stats.

    Emails to their Facebook page has been to no avail. The reply that we all get is the cut and paste reply used by these m*rons ( sorry for having to use that word but that's how I feel about people running the site)

    I would have assumed that since web masters / businesses are their target market they would listen to feedback, but they DON'T.

    The site has been created to frustrate website owners and they are doing a great job of that.


    I hope the site will just disappear into the oblivion. ~

  • Anonymous: 11 months, 2 weeks ago from: Santa Cruz, California, United States

    Hey Semalt - Your bot is an idiot and messing up everyone's stats causing a lot of extra work. We hate you. ~

  • Anonymous: 11 months, 4 weeks ago from: Aliso Viejo, California, United States

    I just hope these referrals don't count as bad and spammy back-links to my domain. They look very shady. ~

  • Anonymous: Apr 27, 2014 from: Deventer, Overijssel, Netherlands

    Dear sir/madam,
    I also discovered in my google analytics several referrals from this site, this is why I looked and came up to your website.
    Because of the strange information going to the website www.semalt.com, I didn't trust it, you confirm my thoughts.

    Thanks for your information.

    A. Vriend
    The Netherlands ~

  • Anonymous: Apr 23, 2014 from: Kenya

    You mention services like this are provided for free. What are the names of providers of a service like semalt .com? ~

    • info: Apr 25, 2014

      The providers are:
      www.bing.com/webmaster ~

  • Anonymous: Apr 7, 2014 from: United States

    I have found traffic from this crawler coming from several diverse geographic regions. I used CloudFlare to block the IP ranges for each time it accessed my site. example: was one of them another was

    I don't get a good feeling about this Semalt ~

  • Anonymous: Apr 6, 2014 from: Maroubra, New South Wales, Australia

    This is what Webroot says about Semalt. com:
    "This website has been reported as unsafe
    http://semalt .com/

    We recommend that you don't continue to this website because it is reported to contain the following threats:

    Malicious software threat:
    This site might contain links to viruses or other software programs that can reveal personal information stored or typed on your computer to malicious persons."
    That seems based only on reports made.

    I was able to access this site before they had the register and login screen.
    All I saw was one big long list of websites.
    I reckon it is a site used to harvest addresses for attacks. Seems that after a hit from a link on this site there can be a number of meaningless hits from the Ukraine and failed login attempts. ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 31, 2014 from: Tallahassee, Florida, United States

    This site continually shows up with a significant number of click throughs on google analytics. How can it be blocked? This really takes away a lot of the implact of google analytics. ~

    • Anonymous: Apr 3, 2014 from: Santa Rosa, California, United States

      You could probably add a filter to block them from the reports. ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 18, 2014 from: Gloucester, Massachusetts, United States

    Their own website states that they are located in Ukraine.

    Whois data is hidden. ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 16, 2014 from: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

    Hello, seems they've put up a page to request removal from their crawlers.
    http://semalt .com/project_crawler.php
    .htaccess does this invisibly to them if that's your choice:
    # block visitors referred from semalt.com
    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} semalt\.com [NC]
    RewriteRule .* - [F]
    Source - http://logorrhoea.net/2014/01/how-to-block-semalt-com-referrer-traffic-using-htaccess/
    However on some of my domains I don't have that option so didn't have that option. ~

    • Anonymous: Mar 16, 2014 from: Anaheim, California, United States

      What a relief, just submitted my site for removal. I will let you know if it doesn't work. Thanks for sharing this! ~

      • Anonymous: 10 months, 0 week ago from: Lodz, Lodzkie, Poland

        Think people. It's like using unsubscribe link from spam message.

        It never does what it suppose to. You just give them reason to send you much more spam.

        I suggest NEVER USING ANYTHING at semalt com! ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 12, 2014 from: Lexington, South Carolina, United States

    I noticed this at the same time I had 1200 hits from tel Aviv on a blog that normally gets 10 hits a day. Needless to say I'd like to block them but how do I do this with blogspot? ~

    • Anonymous: Mar 16, 2014 from: Wilmington, North Carolina, United States

      Did anyone get back to you about getting it blocked from your blogspot? I'm having a lot of traffic saying they came through this semalt site. ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 10, 2014 from: Madrid, Madrid, Spain

    I have seen this site related with hijacking of the browser that redirect the traffic to numerous sites .co.uk of spam. That test was done with Chrome under Windows. I don't know if in GNU/Linux is different, I will try with a Live CD of Ubuntu.

    The problem almost stopped by putting semalt .com appointing to localhost ~

    • Anonymous: 11 months, 3 weeks ago from: Norway

      I work fixing computers from hardware and software problems. Usually I clean computers from viruses, and last week I had one, that had some virus or malware related to Semalt (I don't remember the exact name, but I remember they were modifying the browser's homepage and the host file). Suddenly, today I found in my sites also a lot of crawler visits from semalt. com, and their website and this article, so I'm very worried about their intentions... They are pretending to be honest, even they have pictures of their team, but they are doing really weird things, so, beware. In Spain we say: "if the river makes noise, there's water coming down". ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 6, 2014 from: Delhi, Delhi, India

    I am getting referrals traffic from this website, and all the visits from this website are having 100% bounce rate, how can I get rid of this website???? its kind of threat to my website's online reputation. Feels like someone is spying on my website. How do I BLOCK THEM? ~

    • info: Mar 6, 2014

      See some suggestions below made by some other users. ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 6, 2014 from: Morrison, Colorado, United States

    Looks bogus to me, in my google analytics the bounce rate for traffic coming in from this site is 100% !!! ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 5, 2014 from: Munich, Bayern, Germany

    The service is fake. If I check the IPs where I get the referer from semalt .com it is 90% from South America but we are a German website.

    As a webadmin I have very bad experience with Ukraine Internet. A lot of harvesters hackers and bots. ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 5, 2014 from: Charles City, Iowa, United States

    If you want to block semalt .com from visiting your site and making havoc with your statistics add this to the end of your .htaccess file….
    (this will work for WordPress site)

    SetEnvIfNoCase Via evil-spam-proxy spammer=yes
    SetEnvIfNoCase Referer evil-spam-domain.com spammer=yes
    SetEnvIfNoCase Referer evil-spam-keyword spammer=yes
    SetEnvIfNoCase Via pinappleproxy spammer=yes
    SetEnvIfNoCase Referer semalt.com spammer=yes
    SetEnvIfNoCase Referer poker spammer=yes

    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all
    Deny from env=spammer ~

    • Anonymous: 7 months, 0 week ago from: United States

      What if one does not have a WordPress site and the website was built from a TemplateMonster source? ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 3, 2014 from: Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

    Semalt LLC is the Europe-based company established in September 2013. The corporate headquarters is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Semalt LLC is a web service and software developer aimed at creating a high-quality cutting-edge and available SEO and marketing analytics tool. ~

    • thom: 8 months, 4 weeks ago from: New York, New York, United States

      BS. Semalt is a bunch of criminals infecting PCs with Trojans to referrer spam. ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 3, 2014 from: Fletcher, North Carolina, United States

    My sense is that this is a misguided marketing/publicity stunt on the part of Semalt. I've read statements from them and they don't really seem to have it together, though they sound like a legitimate company. ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 1, 2014 from: Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

    They latched onto my site in Europe roughly 4 days ago (Feb.26) and account for 60% of my views on a daily basis.

    Can anything be done to report these people? My preference would be to have them eliminated. ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 28, 2014 from: Winnenden, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

    These guys were bringing my bouncing rate up with their crawler. What I did was to add the following htaccess instruction:

    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} ^http(s)?://(www\.)?semalt.com.*$ [NC]
    RewriteRule .* google.com [L]

    What it does it's to redirect it to google.com. It seems to be working fine because I don't have 1 single crawler.php visit since I've add this.

    Hope it works out for you guys too! ~

    • Anonymous: Mar 21, 2014 from: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

      We should all set it so it redirect to semalt .com not google ~

    • Anonymous: Mar 14, 2014 from: United Kingdom

      How would this approach work with a wpengine install? Not sure if the wpengine part is relevant but my htaccess file already has the following...

      # BEGIN WordPress

      RewriteEngine On
      RewriteBase /
      RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]
      RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
      RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
      RewriteRule . /index.php [L]

      # END WordPress

      Would I add it to the end or overwrite what's already there? ~

    • Anonymous: Mar 4, 2014 from: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

      This is by far the best approach. Stops them cold.

      I was getting half a dozen "visits" from them logged per day all from different IPs in Brazil. Then they started coming at an increasing rate from all over. It is strictly a marketing effort hoping we will notice, follow the link and perhaps sign up for their service. Since their very marketing effort distorts the analytics they want to sell us I can't imagine they are anything but a scam. Block them! ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 21, 2014 from: United Kingdom

    We have block them so many times but each time the addresses are from different countries - who do we report them to Google ? ~

    • Anonymous: Apr 1, 2014 from: Kiev, Kyyiv, Ukraine

      Maybe you forgot to specified the subdomains of your sites as well, because the system identifies a subdomain as a separate site. Otherwise the crawlers will continue visiting your webpages. ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 16, 2014 from: Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom

    semalt have been hitting a lot of my sites recently so I decided to block them in my .htaccess I didn't use the IP as some have in this thread rather (I assume their IPs will change)I have blocked by referrer semalt .com ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 15, 2014 from: Sant Juliá, Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra

    I tried to log in but nothing happened, other than submitting a username and password, but now I found someone from Colombia, and two others from Brazil accessing my site.... The source of the visits was semalt.com. Suspicious?

    Meanhile, related or unrelated, my computer crashed!

    How did they know my site if I did not proceed beyond the failed attempted registry? ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 14, 2014 from: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

    This show's up in my stats daily.
    It's originating from this IP: Which is assigned to brasiltelecom .net .br

    The BIG problem with blocking unwanted bots etc etc on IP's or IP block ranges, it doesn't work if the IP or block changes. If your have hassles with semalt .com and other misbehaving bots, script kiddies and anything other suspect entities crawling your site, go check out zbblock. It's a free script which blocks all the cr#p at the front door, even before it sucks down anything. Your site must be php driven for this to work.

    I've been using it since Oct 2013 and it stops Baidu and other such pests in their tracks. ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 13, 2014 from: Cisco, Texas, United States

    I'm hosted on Godaddy, which has its own problems. This week my server has been in and out, which could be a Godaddy issue. I also am getting hits from semalt.com . Is there a way to block this bot or whatever it is? Or is migrating from Godaddy a good answer? ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 11, 2014 from: Mechanicsville, Virginia, United States

    I found it in my logs, went to the site and got hit with a malware attempt. The home page shows "Unable to access network." ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 4, 2014 from: Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada

    Hello all,

    I have pulled this from our lexity software it looks like they are running it from their house. I would say up to no good stay away.
    IP Address is:
    Geographical location of the IP address
    The location is indicative : It is estimated by the statistics obtained on partner sites. Reliability is close to 100% for the country, approximately 90% for the region and about 80% for the city.

    IP: Brazil (Visao Tecnologia em Transmissao de Dados Ltda)
    Localization : Carlos Barbosa, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

    Hostname : rtr-miguel.visao.psi.br
    Country : Brazil
    Region : Rio Grande do Sul
    City : Carlos Barbosa
    Latitude : -29.299999
    Longitude : -51.500000 ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 4, 2014 from: Plano, Texas, United States

    I'm getting hit by this site constantly and in addition I am getting hits from many South American countries that has NO interest in what I do. I suspect it is all related to this semalt site. Too many IP's to block so I hope they simply go away. ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 2, 2014 from: Lafayette, Colorado, United States

    I get the semalt/competitor-analysis links too on blog stats. Foolish me, went to semalt.com and got a logon or register page. filled out an email made up a password and got to a keyword tool that said it provided a free 7 day file. Tried a scan and it just churned without progress. I think it needs to be reported and filtered somewhere and saw a possible method reading further down in these comments. ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 2, 2014 from: United Kingdom

    Viral/guerilla marketing using Bots and 'Black hat' techniques, trying to get you to pay for what you can get elsewhere for free. I wouldn't even touch this site with someone else's 9ft pole it's that dodgy. Just don't. :( ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 2, 2014 from: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States

    Also showing up drastically in my results, first noticed it being 2nd to google as a referrer. My gut instinct is that they are manipulating it so they appear so high and people visit out of curiosity and maybe decided to use the service...which isn't explained. Completely shady way of a company to go about gaining customers. Why would I use a service that manipulates my visits to get an accurate picture of my web traffic? ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 1, 2014 from: Saint-sauveur, Québec, Canada

    Same here... I found them listed on my analytics report as a website linking to our website... sending us 70% more visits ? .... not sure if they are legit. ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 1, 2014 from: United States

    I saw it for the first time as a source for visits to my blog. No idea why. I've never registered with them, nor have I ever been contacted by them in any way. Biggest visitor to my blog though. ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 31, 2014 from: Genoa City, Wisconsin, United States

    I have been seeing SeMalt as a referrer on my blog. Referring people from Brazil, Argentina, Peru....

    http://semalt.com/crawler.php?u=http:// and then my wordpress account name.

    I clicked on and went to their page. Am I going to have problems now. I don't know any thing like you folks do.

    Thank you. ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 31, 2014 from: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

    I would have to agree with other posters. Everything looks shady about this site.

    I added the following to my .htaccess file like somneone else suggested:

    Deny from ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 29, 2014 from: Gresham, Oregon, United States

    According to one person Semalt is a Botnet, and this is the best explanation for the combination of shady practices and multiple IPs:

    Darren January 22, 2014 at 6:45 pm #

    Semalt are using a botnet (that’s innocent people’s computers which have been infected with a virus) to spam thousands of blogs with fake referrer spam. These visits are aimed at those webmaster who publish a list of top referrers on their homepage but the they are targeting sites indiscriminately.

    The response from Semalt you have published in good faith is not true.


    JDriver January 23, 2014 at 6:34 pm #

    I’ve just had a load of bot hits from Semalt myself, messing up my stats. Their technique of trying to gain hits seems to be against Google’s guidelines so I’ve reported them for Black Hat techniques. I urge others to do the same. Click here to report them. ~

    • Anonymous: 7 months, 0 week ago from: United States

      I absolutely *HATE* the GD Captcha garbage. ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 28, 2014 from: Whitby, Ontario, Canada

    I get this site and its sister sites from Brazil, Spain, Portugal, etc. Annoying, but I just ignore it. There are others that are worse. ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 28, 2014 from: United Kingdom

    It's also possible that they are simply spamming their URL as a referrer to pages all over the internet. ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 27, 2014 from: Apeldoorn, Gelderland, Netherlands


    I also get this site in my analytics regularly. It seems someone has set up a monitor to watch my site as it says in the url. http://semalt .com/competitors_review.php?u=

    I seem to be watched by someone who think's I'm their competitor. Good to know! ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 26, 2014 from: Valley Village, California, United States

    I am getting hit by this site constantly sometimes 50 hits in a row. CAN ANYONE tell me what the heck they are trying to do? ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 26, 2014 from: Singapore, Singapore

    Thanks for the great information. Besides Semalt, my website is also getting alot of hits from bottlenose .com. Can anyone tell me if they are the same? ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 25, 2014 from: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

    Yikes.. I had a ton of hits from them this week. Good information. Thanks for sharing! ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 25, 2014 from: Oslo, Oslo, Norway

    Thanks for the info. I have learned to be suspicious of such SEO type sites, for excellent reasons. I shall not have anything to do with it! ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 24, 2014 from: Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

    thank you for posting I am getting hits on my website for this. I am just trying to get my story out to protect my life. JosieG6 ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 24, 2014 from: Singapore, Singapore

    It just got a hit on my blog too yesterday and I'm not really sure how that works . ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 20, 2014 from: Wokingham, Wokingham, United Kingdom

    I found using this stops hits in your stats:

    <?php if ( !preg_match('/semalt\.com/', $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) ) { ?> // your stat code goes here <?php } ?>? ~

    • Anonymous: Mar 14, 2014 from: United Kingdom

      Assumably this isn't the best approach for a heavily cached site though? You wouldn't want semalt triggering the cache then following visits would skip the tracking code ~

    • Anonymous: Feb 27, 2014 from: Star, Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom

      does this stop the site hiting you or it only excludes the stats? ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 18, 2014 from: Wokingham, Wokingham, United Kingdom

    I am getting 100s of visits in my stats from numerous IPs and from numerous countries that would not care about my UK site, coming from Peru, Brazil , Columbia etc ~

    • Anonymous: Jan 20, 2014 from: United Kingdom

      I have had 45 visits in one day from semalt .com/competitors_review.php, followed by a javascript xss attack which trashed parts of my site. I do not think this is coincidence ~

      • Anonymous: Jan 23, 2014 from: Lansing, Michigan, United States

        Their website is vulnerable to XSS too. ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 16, 2014 from: City of, London, United Kingdom

    I saw in incoming link from this site to my personal blog - I have an abusive stalker - is he able to follow my site or somehow gain any info that would help him track updates or threaten its security - he has used change detection sites in the past so this is well within his MO... thanks ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 16, 2014 from: Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom

    Semalt.com has been bugging me for weeks by visiting my site. So I have created a .htaccess file to try and deny it access.
    Order Deny,Allow
    Deny from
    allow from all ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 7, 2014 from: Papua New Guinea

    It is a phishing and spamming site. Do not click on their links they are sending. You will be bombarded with false traffic. ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 6, 2014 from: Carrum Downs, Victoria, Australia

    It's not a phishing attempt, it's actually a very good usability feature that allows you to login if you already have an account, or create an account if you don't have one with the one form. Just enter your email address and a desired password, then press register/login and you will be prompted for your name, after which you will be logged in. Very easy.

    I noticed a bunch of referrals from this domain too, it's possible that my competitors are using this tool and finding my domain, which then gets sent as a referrer.

    It's also possible that they are simply spamming their URL as a referrer to pages all over the internet. Many other tools targetting webmasters have used this tactic in the past, and many more will use it in the future. Us webmasters are always checking our logs and when we see a new referrer, especially one sending as much traffic as semalt.com, we are naturally curious and go check it out.

    I wouldn't say the site is sinister, unless you believe that SEO is sinister, in which case you probably don't know much about SEO. ~

    • Anonymous: Jan 29, 2014 from: Gresham, Oregon, United States

      Oh and the name is supposed to be "SeMalt".

      "Semalt will go to your site, and will in turn show up on sites that are referring traffic to your website. This then gets you curious, and click on their website, and BOOM now they have your information. The site is beyond shady, and I would not trust them with your information.

      No one knows what they actually do, if they do anything at all… Avoid at all costs"

      In case you have further questions for them:

      Press Contacts:

      Alex Andrianov

      Skype: Alex.Semalt
      E-mail: alex @semalt.com
      Facebook: Alex Andrianov
      Linkedin: Alex Andrianov
      Andrew Timchenko
      Skype: TimchenkoAndrew
      E-mail: andrew @semalt.com
      Facebook: Andrew Timchenko
      Linkedin: Andrew Timchenko
      Twitter: SemaltCom
      Site URL: Semalt .com
      Facebook: Semalt

      I guess they have a blog, but don't go there without a proxy:

      blog.semalt .com ~

    • Anonymous: Jan 29, 2014 from: Gresham, Oregon, United States

      "It's not a phishing attempt, it's actually a very good usability feature that allows you to login if you already have an account, or create an account if you don't have one with the one form. Just enter your email address and a desired password, then press register/login and you will be prompted for your name, after which you will be logged in. Very easy."

      That's all good and well, but how would you know you wanted to have an account? The website isn't advertising to the public. It's login page set up implies it's a private venture. Again, fine, but it doesn't inspire confidence or trust. Leading one to wonder why you're advising people to take a leap of faith and give them their email address?

      The last sentence is a bit condescending. As many people have noted visitors come from many countries that would have no reason to go to their sites. These visitors are probably using a proxy service. In fact I assumed semalt was a proxy service based on traffic logs until I found this thread. There's one visitor who uses Google Chrome/Win 7 on a laptop who has browsed from Ecuador, Brazil and Italy. It's not a proxy default because someone else using the service was in Brazil using IE 10/Win 8.

      Several things are going on at the same time. While it's obviously not a phish, it's still odd traffic behavior. It looks like a service set up by a private group. They also own .net and .org, same registration dates, whois proxy, etc. ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 5, 2014 from: Damariscotta, Maine, United States

    McAfee Secure Search lists semalt.com as potentially hazardous, at their yellow level, granted, but that's still dangerous enough for me. ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 4, 2014 from: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

    How did you even register? It looks like the "register" and "login" button are the same. Like some clever phishing scam. ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 3, 2014 from: Omaha, Nebraska, United States

    It's been hitting my home page for the last 2 days. Is it some sort of competitive analysis tool?

    Here's the URL:
    semalt.com/competitors_review .php?u=http://pauleide.com ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 3, 2014 from: Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

    It hits my blog all the time--it is user spam. ~

    • Anonymous: Feb 7, 2014 from: Mason, Ohio, United States

      Whenever it refers a user to my website, the visit results in a bounce. My bounce rates are currently quite low (below 30%), so it might have the effect over time of altering my SEO ranking. Just a guess. ~

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