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Pirated Copies of Microsoft Windows Contain Malwares

Pirated Copies of Microsoft Windows Contain Malwares

Do you know if the copy of Microsoft Windows that you currently have on your computer is genuine? It is important that you find out because, most pirated copies of Windows contain spywares, Trojans and other malwares. These malicious programs can spy on you, steal your credit card information, usernames, passwords, bank account information or even use your computer to commit cybercrimes.

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Scammers and hackers have found a new way of spreading their malicious programs. They know that people love free software and prefer to download a hacked copy of the operating system rather than buying it.

What they have done is to hacked Microsoft Windows, embed their malicious program into the hacked version and put it on downloading websites like “torrent” for their victims to download. 

A hacked or pirated copy of Microsoft Windows will allow someone to use the operating system without paying for it. Windows has a built-in mechanism that prevents someone from using it unless, it is paid for. It is this mechanism that the hackers are able to bypass.

Usually, millions of copies of these hacked Microsft Windows operating systems are downloaded worldwide. Some PC retailers are using these hacked copies on the computers that they sell, to reduce the cost. But, by doing so, these retailers are putting their customers at great risk.

 Here are the dangers of having a pirated copy of Windows on your computer: 

  • There is a malware known as "Nitol" that can be embedded in the counterfeit copy of Windows. It can be used to spy on you remotely by, recording your keystrokes and using your webcam. Imagine you are naked in your bedroom with your computer on and, a hacker is watching and recording you through your webcam.
  • Your Windows update, Windows firewall, and user account control warning functions can be disabled, making your computer vulnerable to cyber attack.
  • Your Internet browser settings are intentionally tampered with, to send you to phishing or scamming websites, when you browse the internet.
  • Malware embedded in the operating system can steal your credit card number and other sensitive information.

Ensure that your copy of Windows is genuine and, if it is not, return the computer and demand that a genuine copy be installed on it and also, demand a copy on compact disc (CD).

If you want to know if your copy of Windows is genuine, click the following link and follow the instructions on the page: http://www.microsoft.com/genuine/validate/

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