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Work From Home Scam - Home Business System

Work From Home Scam - Home Business System

The Home Business System is another Work-From-Home scam that designed their web pages to appear as if their articles were posted on these popular news websites: FOXNEWS and CNBC. Although the web pages look like FOXNEWS and CNBC, if you click on any news link on the web pages, you will be redirected to a fake work-from-home website. Scammers have setup these websites to prey on the desperate work-from-home job seekers.

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This is how one of the websites looks:

Fake CNBC Work-From-Home Scam Home Business System

If you click on any of the links on the fake web pages, you will be taken to the website hbs-system.com. This is where the scammers ask for payment.to appear even more legitimate,  a short clip of a CNBC video, about a mother who successfully started working from home, is placed on this website.

Home Business System Work From Home Scam

The following websites are fake Home Business System work-from-home scams. Do not purchase anything from these websites. Also, do not be fooled by the fake VeriSign, “Security Verified”, “Privacy Verified” and “Business Verified” logos.

  • get-more-news.com
  • livefreetimenews.com
  • worldnewsyesterday.com
  • lastnewsworld.com
  • homeworkhere.COM
  • worldnewsimportant.com
  • hbs-system.com
  • homecompanysystem.com
  • www.jax3.com
  • moneysmade.com
  • automated-paydays.com

Some of the websites are even blocked by Avast anti-virus software.

Avast block Fake Work From Home website

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