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876 (Jamaica) Area Code Lottery Scammers

876 (Jamaica) Area Code Lottery Scammers

I am a Jamaican and please let me apologize to the victims of these scammers. I am deeply embarrassed and saddened by the behavior of these Jamaican scammers. It is reported that these Jamaican scammers are currently conning US citizens out of million of dollars per year. They are making so much free money, that they are washing their cars with champagne and competing with each other to see who can burn (literally lighting the money on fire) the most money.

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How the scam works:

A scammer calls you, stating that you have won millions in the lottery. The scammer will then ask you to wire or send a certain amount of money to cover taxes on your winnings. The same scammer may call again asking for more money and giving a reason for it.

Listen to a call from one of the scammers (See Youtube video below)

Mississippi Couple Loses $30,000 in Sweepstakes Scam(Youtube video)

I have heard that a lot of victims of this scam have committed suicides after losing thousand of dollars. Please do not give away the money you have worked so hard for. Call the company of the lottery that you are taking part in, to verify your winnings.

The Jamaican authorities are currently putting pressure on these scammers, and have seized a lot of their assets and have arrested many of them.

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