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Is Web Colleagues Work-at-Home Typing Program At a Scam?

Is Web Colleagues Work-at-Home Typing Program At a Scam?

It appears that "Web Colleagues" is not about online data entry, but is instead, about promoting affiliate products in via paid ads on Google. I have listed comments from persons who said they have tried the service. Also, I was unable to locate on the "Better Business Bureaus" website at

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Do not register or sign-up with the website.

Here is copy of the e-mail message that was sent to me by "Web Colleagues Work-at-Home Typing Program":

We are looking Candidate to work from Home as part time or full time! Our Colleagues receive complete online training and guidance. You are NOT paying for a job the job is paying you. With our program it/s very simple process. You type, and you get paid.

The more you type, the more you get paid.

Our training program provided to all of our colleagues will give you everything you need with step-by-step tutorials. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step program we provide and you will be getting paid while you are training (15-20 minutes)

p> Here are comments from persons who have tried "Work-at-Home Typing Program" at


I joined web colleagues just a few hours ago hoping to find a really nice opportunity. I paid S49.00 for the membership and then logged in to the membership area to my surprise that the opportunities listed there are available for free! I even saw mylot in their rat gosh!

I am so disappointed! I immediately asked for a refund! And I swear I will never join any programs like that again... Source: discussions/2231142.aspx

Sad to say, but after another full day of online research - research I should have done BEFORE! joined Web Colleagues - I've discovered that Web Colleagues is NOT about online data entry, but all about promoting affiliate products in via paid ads on Google.

This is not "data entry". ef.You sign up for an affiliate site like Clickbank, which gives you the ability to promote hundreds of products and receive a commission check for the sales you generate. .

2. You write ads for these products, and place these ads on the Google or Yahoo network. Who pays to have these ads placed? You do.

3. if people click your ads and make purchases, you get paid your commissions. The key to making money then, Is to spend less on advertising than what you make in commissions. If you can't do this, you will lose money..." These are the words of jacky

4, not mine but 1 thank him or her in advance for letting me spread the message. Web Colleagues isn't exactly a scam, but their website is far from truthful. Apparently you really can make money using their program, you just have to convince people, through blogs like this one and paid ads on Google, that they should try whatever it is you are selling for any of the companies that Web Colleagues lists.

True to their word, Web Colleagues refunded my $49 in 4 days. During that time, I wrote to Ms. Kauth's site asking them the questions I should have asked Web Colleagues & this morning I received some answers (following is a copy of the email wrote to online-data-entry-Jobs. corn at odepbs— their answers are in bold):

Id like to know if any part of your data entry program requires me to Pin Ciickbank? Yes you will have to pin clickbank as they are the ones that will be issuing you your paycheck. If so, do I only make money with your program by typing ads for ClickBank products or services? You will be making commission off of each product that is bought from your link.

Do I have to place & pay for ads on Google or Yahoo to make money with your program? We have free methods for you to use google or yahoo. Will I be paid only when people click through & make a purchase through a link I have posted?

You are paid a commission when someone buys the product you are promoting. Is payment to me dependent on other people pining your program or by my becoming an affiliate for your program?

No. Is Ms. KeILIM or your site in any way connected business-wise to Gary Endres? Yes he is the webmaster. Is your site In any way connected business-wise to or other data entry site?

Gary Endres is the webmaster for both the sites and many more. Source: http://bloggformoney.

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