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Website Installing Malicious Program INSTALL_0_MSI.EXE Just By Visiting

Website Installing Malicious Program INSTALL_0_MSI.EXE Just By Visiting

Someone on a popular website commented that infected their computer with a virus. I went to the same website to investigate and before the home page finished loading, my anti-virus software pops up showing that a suspicious program is currently installing. The name of the program is install_0_msi.exe and I was using Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).

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Updated: Aug 16, 2012: 
install_0_msi.exe is a Trojan Horse able to spread because of a Java Exploit.

Trojan Horse  is a type of malware that behaves like a useful software but  instead will give the creator or the persons behind this malware, full access to your computer. With full access, your computer can be used to download other viruses, steal your personal and/or credit card information or attach other computers.


The image below shows Avast anti-virus scanning the suspicious program which started installing itself by just visiting

Website Installed Malicious Program install_0_msi.exe

I do not know how this program started executing without any prompt or input from me. Just by visiting the website you can infect your computer with malwares.

This is how looks:

How website looks

I do not think this website was setup intentionally to host malwares. It seems that the malware was triggered by an advertisement on that website. The website uses Bidvertiser to display ads.

Since we do not know where the malicious program came from, please avoid visiting and ensure that you have an updated anti-virus software on your computer.

Please have your anti-virus software do a full scan of your computer weekly or every few days.

How to Manually Remove INSTALL_0_MSI.EXE:

1. Disable System Restore .

2. Update and install an antivirus software, this is if you do no have one installed.

3. Reboot computer in SafeMode.

4.use your anti-virus software to do a full scan of your computer.

5. Restart your computer

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