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Malicious Website - Emma Watson Never Seen Before Home Video

Malicious Website - Emma Watson Never Seen Before Home Video

If you are redirected to a website looking like the one below, please do not click on any of the links and close the browser window immediately. The website will try to trick you into downloading a malicious program by indicating that you need Adobe Flash Player installed in order to watch a video of Emma Watson.using a young naked girl is the best way to trick persons into clicking on a link.

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The Malicious Website

Emma Watson Never Seen Before Home Video
Emma Watson Never Seen Before Home Video

The website is designed to look and feel like popular video sharing website This helps convince the victims into dowloading and installing the malicious program.

If the victims click the "Play" button, they will be prompt to install fake and malicious Adobe Flash Player.

Malicious Website: Emma Watson Never Seen Before Home Video Adobe Flash Player

“Our system detected that you are using an outdated Video Player version, in order to watch videos on Youtube please update to the latest secured version of Video Player by clicking [the] ‘Upgrade Now’ button bellow,” the error message reads.

“Once you download and install the update refresh the browser to watch the video.”

If they click on the "Install" or "Download" button, they will be prompt to download the malicious file "scandisk.exe" (the file name may change).

Malicious file scandsk.exe

If you want to install Adobe Flash player on your computer, please go to their website and install it from there. The link to their website is

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