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FBI Ransomware Citadel Virus That Extort Money From Victim Through MoneyPak or PaysafeCard

FBI Ransomware Citadel Virus That Extort Money From Victim Through MoneyPak or PaysafeCard

If the message: "your files have been have been on inappropriate sites," appears while you are browsing the internet, please do not follow the instructions in it and close the browser window. The bogus message was designed to trick you into infecting your computer with the FBI Ransom-ware Citadel virus, by falsely claiming that you have violated United States federal law because you IP address has visited child pornography and other illegal websites. This virus or malware is also known as the Ukash virus.

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If your computer is infected with the FBI Ransom-ware Citadel virus, it will freeze or lock the your computer screen and redirect you to a fake FBI page. On the fake page, you will be instructed to pay a fine to the United States Department of Justice in order to unlock or regain access your computer.

The Fake FBI Web Page

FBI Ransomware Citadel Malware Virus

This form of malware is called Ransomware because it tries to extort money from the victim.

DO NOT make any form of payment that this malware instructs you to make. Even if you make a payment, this malware will still remain on your computer and may allow the people behind this extortion to commit online banking and credit card fraud.

If you are not tech-savvy, please get someone to help you get rid of this malware. If you are a techy, please click the following link for instructions on how to remove this malware:

How to remove FBI Ransomware Citadel Malware Virus

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