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Email Scam - "Contact Western Union For Your Fund Lottery Commission Winner"

Email Scam - "Contact Western Union For Your Fund Lottery Commission Winner"

The e-mail message below is another scam claiming that you have won money in the lottery and you need to pay a small fee to claim it. Also, the scammers want your personal information which they may use to further scam you. Do not be taken for a fool and send the money you have worked so hard for to these scammers.

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The Western Union Email Scam

Email Scam: CONTACT WESTERN UNION FOR YOUR FUND Lottery commission Winner


We received the payment of ($980.000 USD)Nine Hundred and Eighty Thousand united state dollars in ATM card by the Lottery commission to be sent to you through western union money transfer payment. Be informed that we are in possession of your ($980.000 USD)

The amount you will be receiving per day is $5,000usd,you will receive the total sum of ($980.000 USD) within three weeks, Your fund has been insured by the Lottery commission and is protected with issurance hard cover no money will be deducted from your fund. kindly contact us with this information below for YOUR MTCN, SENDER NAMES, text question and answer, if you need to pick up the first $5,000 today.

Western Union Financial bank
Contact Person: DR DAVIS MARK.
Email: (westernunion.moneytransfer1@ )
Tel:+22998520908 , +229 666 32671

Reconfirm the following information and call him now for Security reason
1) YOUR FULL NAME..............
2) YOUR COUNTRY........................
3) YOUR PROFESSION.....................
5)YOUR RECEIVING ADDRESS................

But you will pay him small amount of $ dollars to him for the PIN CODE but i don't known the EXACTLY THE AMOUNT.
I am waiting for your urgent response.
Thanks and Remain Blessed.
Mr mike Williams

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