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Is the website www.circumnews.com legitimate or fake?

Is the website www.circumnews.com legitimate or fake?

Is the website www.circumnews.com legitimate or bogus? Unfortunately, it is a fake. The website claims it allows it users to make money by reading news articles and/or creating referral links. A Referral is a unique link given to each user, which allows that user to earn money when someone clicks on that link.users may put these links on social networking websites, in emails, blogs and other locations on the internet.

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Although the website claims it will send payments every 14 days via PayPal or Payza, a lot of persons have complained about not receiving payment or being deregistered after reaching the minimum payout amount.

Anonymous persons sent us the following information:

Circumnews.com is a scam. CNN has their own department that deals with ratings and viewers. They aren't outsourcing, especially to websites in Ukraine that have poor English amongst all the other red flags and unprofessional aspects.

Considering that and the fact that you don't even have to actually ping the News site its self to get your 2 to 5$$, big red flag. There are several other websites run off the same server that are not legit. Same concept sites. No one got paid for those sites either. I know I posted once before, but seriously just ask CNN to confirm they don't use these people and get the controversy behind everyone.

CircumNews is a scam. Here are my reasons:

  • Fact 1: They are in the Ukraine.
  • Fact 2: The site was created less than 3 weeks ago.
  • Fact 3: Those referral links? All re-direct back to the website OR yield a FAILED response.
  • Fact 4: Their touted $100 payout level increased to $350 today
  • Fact 5: Both PayPal and the FBI are aware of their shenanigans.

Circumnews.com is now believed to be a scam and a threat. People are getting viruses when they hit the cash out button or the send button to contact. There is no privacy policy and no one has been paid yet, it also has bad grammar. The domain has a sister site called Umfragenews.com in Russian. They may also be selling email addressees, pay pal info, and passwords. There's a lot of people falling for it! This site needs to be investigated and found out before too many people are victimized.

Please take a look at the comments posted below by other users who have used Circumnews.com. If you have any information on the website www.circumnews.com, please post it in the comment below.

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