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Sony PlayStation 4 Promotion Giveaway Facebook Scams

Sony PlayStation 4 Promotion Giveaway Facebook Scams

With the PlayStation 4 game console to be released at the end of this month, scammers are taking advantage of this momentous event. These cybercriminals are creating fake Facebook PlayStation 4 Giveaway pages to trick their potential victims into "liking", sharing or commenting on them. They do this by promising Facebook users a chance to win a brand new Sony PlayStation 4.

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The Sony PlayStation 4 Giveaway Facebook Scam

Sony PlayStation 4 Giveaway Facebook Scams

We will GIVE AWAY 10X PlayStation 4 . All that you need to do is complete the easy steps below to participate! (Worldwide)

Step 1) Share this Photo
Step 2) Like this photo.
Step 3) Go to this page to enter the contest : hxxp://

Lucky winners will be selected in 10 days. Only people that have completed all steps can participate. Winners will be announced at our Facebook fan page or in private message so make sure you like us on Facebook. Good luck.

This scam is located on Facebook at the following address:

  • pstation4giveaway

Do not fall for these Facebook promotions, which come out every time there is a special event. Please remember that anyone can create a Facebook page and use it in some illegal way.

If you see these promotions on Facebook, please research them before "liking", commenting or sharing them. When you like, comment or share these fake promotions, you are only allowing the scammers behind these promotions to harvest your publicly available information like your full name, photo and address, which they (scammers) can sell to other scammers, marketers or use it to scam you. Also, doing so, will spread this scam to your Facebook friends.

With this information in the hands of these cybercriminals, you put yourself at risk of losing your identity, by being a victim of identity theft. So please, watch out for these fake Facebook promotions and giveaways.

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