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Your E-mail Account Has Exceeded its Limit and Needs to be Verified Email Scam

Your E-mail Account Has Exceeded its Limit and Needs to be Verified Email Scam

The email message: "Your E-mail Account Has Exceeded its Limit and Needs to be Verified", is a phishing scam. The email message was not sent from your email provider. This message was designed to steal your email address password by tricking you into clicking on a malicious link within it. This link will take you to a fake or bogus website looking like your email address provider’s sign in or login page.

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The Phishing Email Message Scam

Important Account Information

Your E-mail account has exceeded it's limit and needs to be verified for your safety, if not verified within 48 hours, we will suspend your email account.
All you need to do is to update your security questions and answer in other not to loose your email account.

Click below to verify your email account now!

If you enter your email address username and password on the bogus website, it will be sent to the scammers behind this website. With access to your account, these scammers can change your password and lock you out of it. Your free email address provider will never send you an email message like the one above. And, if you receive any email messages about your email account, instead of clicking on any the links in it, please sign into your account by going directly to your email address provider website.

E.g. if you have a Hotmail address, go directly to by typing the website address ( directly into your web browser address bar. Now, doing so will ensure that you are not on a fake website.

Once signed in, your email address provider will display any important messages or notifications to you.

Now, if you were tricked into clicking on the link in the malicious email message and entered your email address username and password on the fake or phishing website that the link took you to, please change your email address password immediately.

Please share with us what you know or ask a question about this article by leaving a comment below. Also, check the comment section below for additional information, if there is any. And, forward malicious email messages to us using the following email address: .

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