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Beware of Job Offer Phishing and Fake Email Messages Sent by Cybercriminals

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Beware of Job Offer Phishing and Fake Email Messages Sent by Cybercriminals

Online users, be aware of fake or phishing Careerbuilder email messages like the one below, which appear as if they came from popular human capital solutions website, The email messages were sent by cybercriminals to steal the recipients' personal information, by claiming that there is a open position or a job available for them, and asking them to complete an attached form or click on a link to visit a phishing website that steals personal and financial information.

A Sample of one of the Phishing Email Messages

From: "" <recruit>
Subject: Job Offer !!

We have an open position in our team , and we are looking for qualified individuals to apply.If you are interested in working with us download the attached file where you can find the registration form and more information about the position you will fill.

Application Form.html (20)

This bogus email message has a fake application form attached called 'Application Form.html'. Other fake email messages will have links to phishing websites.

The Phishing Attached Application Form 'Application Form.html'

Freelance Market Research Analyst Application Form

We are the experts in market research.

We help companies find the market data and industry analysis they need to make informed decisions.

Our collection provides information on products, trends, regions, demographics, industries and companies updated daily from over 700 research publishers worldwide.

Robust intelligence on over 13 million US, Canadian and Mexican public and private companies, as well as over 16 million executive decision makers and hundreds of industries.

The goal of marketing research is to identify and assess how changing elements of the marketing mix impacts customer behaviour.

The Market Research Analyst is principally responsible for interpreting data, formulating reports and making recommendations based upon the research findings.

Stores and organizations such as McDonald's , Anytime Fitness , BEST BUY , STARBUCKS amongst others

pay for market researchers to evaluate their activity and report their experiences.


Freelance market researchers are either paid a pre-arranged fee for a particular assignment , or a monthly salary depending on the number of assignments completed that month.

You are to asses one of our employers business by visiting the location and making several observations about the customer service , shelf arrangement , product shelf life.

First evaluation - You will receive a form that you are required to fill after you visit one of the locations in your area, You will be evaluating your desired mall.

You are required to evaluate the customer service and quality control after their services are rendered to you.

You would require filling a form to rate the employee(s), the form would be given to you after the assignment evaluation.

You will earn the minimum of $50 per assignment plus expenses by working as a freelance market researcher for us and your weekly pay will increase after we evaluate your ability.

Depending on your free time and ability you can receive up to 10 assignments a week.

Your employment package includes an evaluation form and training assignment which we will be sending to you after you received payment for the assignment.

Any information entered and submitted on the form will be sent to the scammers responsible for the fake email message at the following internet address or location:

  • hxxp://wolter-bonn .de/wp-signin.php

Cybercriminals will sell the stolen information to other scammers, or use it to contact their potential victims and attempt to scam them.

Recipients of email messages that appear as if they came from Careerbuilder, asking them to open an attached form or click on a link to submit their information in order to take up a job offer, should go to Careerbuilder's website at, and sign into their accounts. If there is a job offer for them, they will be notified as soon as they have signed in. This is the best method of protection against Careerbuilder phishing scams that are targeting online users.

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Remember to forward malicious or phishing email messages to us at the following email address:

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