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Custom USB Flash, Thumb or Stick Drive Bypasses Autorun or AutoPlay Protection

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Custom USB Flash, Thumb or Stick Drive Bypasses Autorun or AutoPlay Protection

Before February 2011, the easiest way to infect a Microsoft Windows computer was through a virus infected USB Flash, Thumb or Stick drive. This was due to the Autorun or Autoplay feature in Windows XP, which automatically opens a program or script when the USB Thumb or Flash drive is inserted into a computer. Virus writers took advantage of this Autorun or Autoplay feature by allowing their viruses to place themselves onto a Flash Drive so they can Autorun, Autoplay, open or execute when the Flash Drive is inserted into a computer USB port.

The Autorun or Autoplay feature works by modifying the file on the Flash or Thumb Drive.

But, in February 2011, Microsoft disabled this Autorun or Autoplay feature because it was responsible for a lot of malware infections. This Autorun or Autoplay feature was a great idea before virus writers took advantage of it, because it helped novice computer users installed computer programs faster without the need to navigate to the setup or installation programs, which most computer users are not familiar with.

Now, cybercriminals have found another way to Autorun or Autoplay a malicious program or script on a Flash Drive or bypass Windows Autorun or Autoplay protection, when a custom Flash Drive is inserted into a computer's USB port.

The custom USB Flash drive bypasses the Autorun or Autoplay protection by tricking Microsoft Windows into thinking that it is a 'Human Interface Device', a USB device like a mouse or keyboard, when inserted into the computer. Once Windows detects the device as a 'Human Interface Device', it will try to execute the scripts or program on the custom USB Flash drive, thinking it is the device driver software  that is needed in order for the device to work.

But, the script is no device driver software; it is instead, a malicious script or program inserted on the USB Flash Drive. Once this malicious script or program is executed or open, it will infect the computer the USB Flash drive is inserted into.

There may be a cross-platform custom USB Flash drive that will work on the following operating systems: Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Now, to help protect your computer against this threat, please ensure that you have antivirus software installed on your computer and be careful of the USB Flash, Thumb or Stick Drives that you insert into your computer.

For more information about this custom USB Flash Drive that bypasses the Autorun or Autoplay Protection, please go to Webroot blog by clicking here.

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