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Beware of Ebola Virus Drug Cures, Treatments or Prevention Product Scams

Beware of Ebola Virus Drug Cures, Treatments or Prevention Product Scams

Are there any drug cures, treatments or prevention products that can currently cure someone infected with the Ebola virus or prevent someone from getting infected? The answer is NO. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning people not to buy products currently selling on the internet or elsewhere, which the sellers claim can prevent someone from getting infected or cure someone who is infected with the deadly Ebola virus.

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Because of the Ebola epidemic, which has already killed more than 4000 and infected more than 8000 people in West Africa, and has already killed one and infected two in North America; scammers have realized that people are fearful of contracting the deadly disease and would do anything for a cure or some miracle product that can prevent them from getting the virus.

So, they (scammers) and some legitimate businesses have set up shops selling different products (including natural ones), which they claim can either prevent you from contracting the Ebola virus or cure it if you are already infected.

But, the Federal Trade Commission says there are no FDA approved drugs or vaccines that can prevent or cure Ebola. The experimental drug, ZMapp, that is being given to some patients suffering from Ebola, being developed by Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc., is an experimental treatment. It has not yet been tested in humans for safety or effectiveness.

The Center for Disease control (CDC) has this to say about the treatment and prevention of the Ebola virus:

It's important to note that the standard treatment for Ebola remains supportive therapy.

This includes the following measures:

  • balancing the patients' fluids and electrolytes;
  • maintaining their oxygen status and blood pressure; and
  • treating them for any complicating infections.

In addition, the most effective way to stop the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa is meticulous work in finding Ebola cases, isolating and caring for those patients, and tracing contacts to stop the chains of transmission. It means educating people about safe burial practices and having health care workers strictly follow infection control in hospitals. This is how all previous Ebola outbreaks have been stopped.

So, currently it is not recommended buying any health product which the sellers claim can prevent or cure the Ebola virus without consulting with your doctor or health professional first.

The FTC is currently cracking down on websites and companies which claim that their products can cure the Ebola virus or prevent someone from contracting the disease.

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