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Spammers and Scammers Tricking Facebook Users into Commenting On and Liking Fake Posts

Spammers and Scammers Tricking Facebook Users into Commenting On and Liking Fake Posts

Spammers, scammers and even pranksters are tricking people on Facebook into commenting on, sharing and liking fake posts, by claiming that if they do so, something spectacular or magical will happen. But, this is all a lie and this type of trick is called like-farming.commenting on or liking a Facebook post will never make anything happen. Pranksters use tricks like these to make a fool out of people, and scammers and spammers do it to collect personal information and make their Facebook pages or posts popular, which they can make thousands of dollars from, by placing advertisements on them or selling them along with your personal information to online marketers.

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Examples of Like-Farming Scams

Below are some popular like-farming tricks that promise Facebook users that something spectacular or magical will happen if they comment on or like them.


Water Sink Hole
Type the 1st word you see

Step1: open the pic
Step2: like the pic
Step3: type "000"
Watch carefully now! Kids plz do not try!

OMG it really works
Step 1: Click on the photo / picture.
Step 2: Hit Like.
Step 3: Comment "MOVE" Then see the Magic!!”

How the Like-Farming Scam Works?

Once you comment on the fake Facebook post created by scammers, pranksters and spammers, it will be shared with all of your Facebook friends, and if your friends do the same thing, it will end up and their Facebook friends’ Timeline, News Feed or Wall. And, this will continue until the post reaches thousands or even millions of Facebook users.

Cyber-criminals may also use like-farming tricks to spread malicious links to thousands of Facebook users, by tricking them into clicking on the links and downloading malicious programs onto their computers or devices.

If you see posts like the ones above on Facebook, please do not comment on, like or share them. Delete them and report them to Facebook.

But, if you have already commented on, liked or shared posts like the ones above, please click here for instructions to undo your actions and remove dangerous things that you have posted, shared, commented or liked on Facebook.

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