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Is the Talking Angela Cat App or Application Malicious or Not?

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Is the Talking Angela Cat App or Application Malicious or Not?

In 2013, there were Facebook hoaxes that claimed the "Talking Angela" app was malicious and advised parents not to allow their children to download the app. These hoaxes have resurrected and are spreading on the internet like wildfire. The "Talking Angela" app is not malicious and is a safe and family-friendly app.

The "Talking Angela Cat" App

The "Talking Angela" Facebook Hoaxes

The "Talking Angela" Facebook Hoaxes

  • “Check Your Kids Tablet Or Phones To See If They Have This App Its A Pedo Ring Ive Just Downloaded It To Check And Its Digusting,”
  • “Warning For To All Parents With Children That Have Any Electronic Devices , Ex : Ipod,Tablets Etc .... There Is A Site Called Talking Angela , This Site Asks Kids Questions Like : There Names , Where They Go To School And Also Take Pictures Of Their Faces By Pushing A Heart On The Bottom Left Corner Without Any Notices . Please Check Your Children's Ipods And All To Make Sure They Do Not Have”
  • “Attention Parents & Grandparents! My future daughter-in-law just received this warning from a friend on her page. Do not let your child download the Talking Angela app! It is very creepy! Gracie downloaded it without asking to her kindle fire because it was free and a really cute cat. She brought it to me to answer the question it asked. I immediately noticed it had activated the camera. It had already asked her name, age, and knew she was in the living room! I immediately deleted it!”

The maker of the “Talking Angela” application, OutFit7, has created a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), which will provide you with more information about the same app. Please see the FAQs taken from their website

Here are the Facts about the "Talking Angela" app


A: Yes. As a company that supports family-friendly entertainment we ensure we are protecting personal privacy and offering a safe environment for game-play. Upon initial download, users are given the option to play the Talking Angela app in child mode, a function specifically designed to safeguard the privacy of young players. Within child mode, the chat bot feature is disabled so Talking Angela can respond only to touch and repeat what she hears over the microphone, similar to other apps within the Talking Tom and Friends series. Child mode can be selected at any point within the app’s settings.

If child mode is not selected, chat bot will be enabled and Talking Angela will engage in two-way communication with the user. This involves Talking Angela asking the user questions – topics of which are defined in the app description on all app stores.


A: When not operating in child mode, Talking Angela asks users their name and age. The reason for this is to provide the best possible experience and optimize the app’s content. Although all topics are family-friendly, the Talking Angela app is able to determine the most suitable topics of conversation according to a user’s age. For example, if the user is a child, the chat bot will discuss familiar topics such as school.

This information will be visible to Outfit7 only on an aggregated level. This means that we will be able to see how many users of each age we have, but will not be able to determine the name and age of a particular user.


A: No. The app uses gesture recognition technology through the use of a front camera. This enables Talking Angela to recognize face gestures, which enhances users’ interaction with the app. This function does not take photos or videos of the user and no personal data is shared with third parties.

* An older version of the app enables users to take their photos by pressing the heart button in the app. Any photos taken are not stored locally on the device and are not sent anywhere.


A: The app sends anonymized and obfuscated data log files to Outfit7. This data relates to the chat history that cannot be attributed to any individual person and any personal details that are provided voluntarily (e.g. names, addresses, places, etc.) are deleted within the app before they are sent. The data is used solely for development purposes and improvement of individual functions within the app with the aim to make Talking Angela more appealing to users. The data logs are not disclosed to third parties. For additional information, please visit our Privacy Policy.


A: A true a clear description of the app can be found on all app stores so customers can read about Talking Angela and its core functionalities before downloading on iOS, Android or interacting on Facebook. For any further questions or customer support, please contact us directly.

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