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Fake University Degree Selling Website -

Fake University Degree Selling Website -

The website "" is a fake. The website claims that they are specialized in selling original, real, accredited bachelors, masters and PhD degrees from the most recognized and reputable universities located in English speaking countries. But, this is a scam created by cybercriminals rip-off their victims, and furthermore, buying a degree can land you in prison, because obtaining and possessing a fraudulent document is a crime.

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The Fake Degree Selling Online Website

The Fake Degree Buying Online Website

Do not let these people trick you and take your money. Buying fraudulent documents like a University degree is a crime and is punishable by law in all countries around the world. Buying a degree will not help you get a promotion, but will only land you in prison.

The Fake Degree Selling Online Website Facebook Page

The Fake Degree Buying Online Website Facebook page
Buy Original Degree | Accredited University Degree | MBA, Bachelor Degree, Original UK Degree

Want to buy real, original UK degree! Make your dream true with us by providing legally accredited university degrees, distance learning MBA, bachelor degree at most affordable prices from one of the most reputable universities in the world.

This fake Facebook page is located: originaldegree.com1

This fake degree website has already being "liked" and shared by approximately 4,000 Facebook users.

The bogus website claims they accept the most secure payment methods they could find, which are:

  • Western Union
  • MoneyGram
  • International Bank Wire Transfer

But, once a payment is made using one of the above payment methods, there is no chance of you getting back your money.

Scammers prefer these methods of payment because once the money is sent, there is no way the senders will ever be able to get their money back.

Once you are asked to send money to anyone of the payment methods listed above, instead of using your credit card, there is a high probability that someone is attempting to scam you.

Their email address is originaldegree, so if you receive anything from this email address please delete it and do not contact these avoid going to prison for possessing fraudulent documents, please go and get your degree at an accredited University like everyone else.

The website: is also fraudulent.

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