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Facebook Accounts Will Be Deactivated or Disabled - WebBrowser Console Spam Code

Facebook Accounts Will Be Deactivated or Disabled - WebBrowser Console Spam Code

The Facebook post below: "Attention: to all Facebook users your Facebook accounts will permanent disable," is clearly a scam by the amount of grammatical errors in it. Facebook accounts will not be deactivated or disabled as stated by the post. The post was created by cyber-criminals to trick Facebook users into inserting malicious code into their web browsers, which will allow the cyber-criminals behind this scam to take control of certain features of their Facebook accounts.

Please continue reading below.

This includes using Facebook user accounts to send spam, by automatically ‘liking’ or following some spam or malicious Facebook posts, created by the cybercriminals.

The Malicious Facebook Post: Facebook Accounts Will Be Deactivated or Disabled

FB Ammouncement 2k14
Please read !!!

Announcement to all facebook users !!! Facebook company have problems in all users of facebook, so that ceo of facebook ( Mark Zuckerberg ) announce that all facebook accounts will be deactivated on May 25, 2014 so all accounts have to make this steps !!!

Attention: to all facebook uers Your Facebook Accounts will Permanent Disable if you dont register acc in our facebook stop permanent disable!

How to register Just Follow The Steps

1. GO HERE AND COPY ALL THE CODE THERE -> http://tny .cz/4618565f
2. after that GO TO YOUR Facebook Timeline
3. OPEN CONSOLE , to open console ( Press )


Paste in console all the code
Press enter! And wait for 1-2 minutes for the process of your account!
It will activate your
Facebook account

Thanks for helping us in our problems! For mo
Suggestions or help, please go to our dashboard
Thank you

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If you have received this Facebook post, please do not follow the instructions in it, report it to Facebook, and delete it. 

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