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Is the Website Legit or a Scam?

Is the Website Legit or a Scam?

The website:, is a spamming website that will only redirect you to other fake work-from-home and online-jobs websites, which claim that you can make hundreds of dollars online. The owners of the website mainly advertise their business by sending a lot spam across the internet. They also had some of their YouTube videos taken down because they violated YouTube’s Terms of Service, and most of the YouTube accounts associated with their videos, have been terminated.

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The message below is what these spammers have been spreading over the internet:

Earn over $3,000+ per month at

The website

The website

The links on the spamming website will take you to the following fake or very suspicious websites that claim you can make hundreds of dollars doing little or nothing online:

Never submit your personal information and email address to a website without first researching it. This is because, you will receive tons of spam email messages, phone calls and text messages from persons who want you to buy something from them, by claiming that you can earn hundreds of dollars with their products.

If it was so easy to make money online, don’t think everyone would be living comfortably and wouldn’t have to worry about the tough economic times that we are in now.

So, based on the information collected for the website, I do not recommend registering or signing up with them or their affiliates. If you have any information about these websites, please post it in the comment below. You may also want to view the comments (if there are any) made by other users below.

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