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Fraudulent Email - 'Indicate Your Shipment Option'

Fraudulent Email - 'Indicate Your Shipment Option'

The email message below: "Indicate Your Shipment Option," is a fake and a phishing scam. You should not respond to the message with your personal information. Every month, thousands of these email messages are sent out by scammers to trick their potential victims into stealing their personal information and/or sending money. Therefore, never send your personal information to anyone in an email message or send money to someone who contacted you via email message.

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The Fraudulent Email: 'Indicate Your Shipment Option'

From: Global Courier Limited <globacourierlimited>
Date: Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 1:57 PM
Subject: RE:Indicate Your Shipment Option(PARCEL\NUM\3039)
To: Shawn Simmons <shawndms>

*Global~Courier Services Limited 24-Hours Service.*
*Address: Plot No-40,Phase-3,industrial,Neara*
*Maruti Marketing Times,Okhla,Delhi 110019 India .*
*Telephone:~ 00 91 814 7837 491*

*Our Respected Customer **:** Shawn D Simmons*
*Welcome to Global Courier Services Limited.Compliment of the day to you

and your family.In line with directives and documentation submitted to this
company by the Gmail &Microsoft Incorporation in respect to the winning

cheque(Check) issued in your favor which is bearing your name.*

*This delivery company has been assigned to deliver your winning
parcel(Winning Cheque (Check)and Certificates of claim) to your residence.*
*(1) WINNERS CHEQUE (Check)FOR THE VALUE WON($500,000.00 USD).*

*Your requested data has been received and filed-up by this office, you are

require to provide the following information which would be necessary for
the successful delivery of your consignment, you are require to provide the
name of whoever that will sign to collect the parcel upon delivery? include
a phone number of this person to enable us call him/her when we get close
to your residence .With this information, we would be able to dispatch your

parcel immediately.*

*We will only deliver the parcel to your address which was assigned by the

Lottery Organization and we will only hand over the parcel to the person
you will assign to sign for its collection at your residence.This

individual must have a valid identification of his/herself as proof .*

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