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Beware of Fake 50 Cent the Rapper Facebook Page Cash and Car Giveaways

Beware of Fake 50 Cent the Rapper Facebook Page Cash and Car Giveaways

The Facebook page below, which claims 50 Cent, an American rapper, is giving away cash and cars, is a like-farming scam. The fake page that goes by the name "50 Cent +", has nothing to do with 50 Cent. The page was created by scammers to trick their victims into "liking", commenting on, and sharing the fake 50 Cent Facebook page, in order to make it popular.

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The Fake 50 Cent Facebook Page and Post

The Fake 50 Cent Facebook Page

Its Official. I Will be giving away 1 Million dollars and the lamborghini to one random lucky fan, Don't let it pass you bye. This money can be yours, Must follow & complete 3 easy steps.

Step 1) Like this photo Real Quick.

Step 2) Share this photo fast.

Step 3) Like my page ---> 50 Cent +

This fake 50 Cent Facebook page is located at: pages/50-Cent-/ 745602595526662

While the legitimate 50 Cent Facebook page is located at:

50 Cent Facebook Page

The difference between the legitimate and the fake 50 Cent Facebook pages is the name. The fake one has a "+" sign after the name “50 Cent +”.

The aim of the scammers behind this promotion is to get as many Facebook users as possible to “like”, comment on, and share this fake '50 Cent' Facebook web page.

By liking, commenting on, or sharing the Facebook post, you are only helping to spread it to other Facebook users and making the scammers responsible for this, earn money.

Scammers earn money when they make a page popular and are able to sell it to the highest bidder, along with the names and other public information of the persons who liked, commented on, or shared the web page.

If you have already "liked", commented on, or shared this page, please "unlike" it, delete your comment, or remove the shared post. This will help prevent this scam from spreading to other Facebook users.

Also, you may help Facebook remove this fake 50 Cent Facebook page by reporting it to them.

This Facebook scam is similar to the following:

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