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Scam Alert - Text Message Claiming Child Met in an Accident Targeting Parents

Scam Alert - Text Message Claiming Child Met in an Accident Targeting Parents

If you have received the distressing text message below from an unknown number, which claims that your child has been injured in an accident and is in the hospital, please do not follow the instructions in it. This is because the text message is a scam, sent by scammers to trick the recipients of the text message into sending mobile phone top-up code to them. The scammers may also attempt to trick the recipients into sending money via MoneyGram or ask them to buy prepaid debit cards and send the numbers to them.

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The Text Message Scam

Mum theres been a accident I'm in the hospital I'm okay but my friend ain't he's in the ICU ward. Mum it was a serious car crash. I don't think he's goin to make it he went threw the window screen of the car. Mum my phone is switched off and not comin on. I'm on this number. The doctor said know phones in the ICU ward so text mum cause this phone has only got texes. I need you to do me a favour. All the hospital phone lines are down. I'm in shock that this has happened. Iv got to see the doctor. Iv just got a minor head injurie. Mum, please hurry and text back to this number. I need you to do me a favour. xx

Please, if someone calls you claiming your child has been involved in an accident, the first thing you should do is to call your child's phone or call someone who is able to locate the child.

And, if you are not able locate the child, ask the sender of the text for the name of the hospital and contact the hospital directly.

But, do not panic and send money or mobile phone top-up to anyone who has contacted you claiming that your child has been injured in an accident.

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