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The websites: "", "" and "" are fake work-from-home websites. The websites are offering tutorials that consist of CDs with videos and printed materials on how to build a website and make money using advertisements online. But, the tutorials that the websites are offering and asking their users to pay for, are outdated and are available for free on the internet. So, there is no need to pay for something that is available for free.

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How the Fake Work-From-Home Websites Look - -

The aim of owners of the fake work-from-home websites is to trick novice internet users, who want to desperately make money online and who are not familiar with blogging, into paying for free tutorials that they (owners) copied from other websites, put on CDs and printed material, and want to sell to their victims.

The scammers behind the websites will call their potential victims and ask them a few questions. The questions are used to determine how the much the potential victims know about creating a website and making money online. Once the scammers have realized that their potential victims don’t know much, they will attempt to convince or trick them into paying for the tutorial kit.

For the potentials victims who the scammer know have adequate knowledge of creating a website and making money online, they will tell they are not approved and just hang up on them. This is because the scammers know that the people, who are tech savvy or familiar with making money online, will determine that the tutorial that they are selling is a rip-off, because it is available for free online.

Internet users, who want to know how to make money online, should use Google to search for free online courses on how to make money online, and should stop paying for free tutorials being sold by scammers.

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