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Beware of "Be like Bill" Meme Fake and Malicious Facebook Applications and Websites

Beware of "Be like Bill" Meme Fake and Malicious Facebook Applications and Websites

Since the Facebook "Be like Bill" meme, which was created by meme generating website "," has become so popular, scammers/cyber-criminals have started taking advantage of its popularity. Scammers/cyber-criminals are creating fake and malicious "Be like Bill" meme Facebook applications (apps) and websites, and are tricking their potential victims into visiting those websites, and installing those Facebook applications.

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What is or Who is the "Be Like Bill" Meme?

The "Be Like Bill" meme is a straight talking and pushy stickman who offers advice on anything from social media etiquette to relationship troubles. The meme was created by the website and doesn’t require the installation of any app or require Facebook credentials.users of the meme just enter their first names and gender on the website and Bill will give them advice.

Remember, never disclose your full name and other sensitive information on meme generating websites. And, if you are asked to install an app or sign into your Facebook account in order to use a meme, please leave the website.

The “Be like Bill” Meme

Be Like Bill Meme
Be like Bill Click here to see your story
Be like Bill. What are you like as Bill?

The fake and malicious “Be like Bill” meme applications and websites created by cyber-criminals, will attempt to steal Facebook usernames and passwords, by asking Facebook users sign into their accounts, although they have already signed in. Once Facebook users attempt to sign-in, their Facebook accounts’ credentials will be sent to the cyber-criminals responsible for the fake and malicious applications and websites. Once the cyber-criminals have received the stolen credentials, they will use it to hijack their potential victims’ Facebook accounts. Facebook users may also be tricked into installing malicious software disguised as “Be like Bill” applications, which will infect their computers with viruses, spyware, Trojan horse or other malware.

Facebook users who think they may have installed a fake “Be like Bill” meme Facebook application or visited a fake “Be like Bill” website and were asked to signed into their Facebook accounts, should change their Facebook passwords immediately and remove Facebook apps from their accounts that they are not familiar with. Click here for instructions on how to remove a Facebook application.

And, Facebook users who have already shared, liked or commented on fake and malicious “Be like Bill” meme Facebook applications or websites, can undo those activities, which will help stop the fake and malicious “Be like Bill” meme Facebook applications or websites from spreading to other Facebook users. For Facebook users who are unable to locate and remove comments they have made on a fake and malicious “Be like Bill” meme post, and who have shared or “liked” a fake and malicious “Be like Bill” meme, may click here for instructions on how to remove or undo those activities.

Now, Facebook users, whose accounts have been hijacked or compromised, may click here to visit Facebook’s Help Center, for instructions on how to recover their hijacked accounts.

The legitimate “Be like Bill” meme located at “,” doesn’t ask Facebook users to install an application, instead, it only asks Facebook users to share the meme. So, Facebook users who are asked to install Facebook apps in order to use the “Be like Bill” meme should desist from doing so. And, Facebook users who are asked to sign into their Facebook accounts in order to use the “Be like Bill” meme, should leave the website that they are asked to sign-in from.

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