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Beware of Malicious and Fake DHL Email Messages

Beware of Malicious and Fake DHL Email Messages

Cyber-criminals are sending out fake DHL email messages like the ones below, to trick their potential victims into opening the malicious attachments in the fake email messages that are disguised as a receipt and mailing form. The malicious attachments are viruses, Trojan horse, spywares and other malware, that will infect the computers of the recipients of the fake and malicious email message who attempt to open them.

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Email messages that contain attachments with names ending with “.zip” or “.rar” should never be opened, unless the recipients are expecting the email message from someone that they know and trust. Attachments with names ending with “.zip” or “.rar” are compressed files that cyber-criminals use to hide malicious programs like viruses, Trojan horse, spyware and other malware in.compressed files are a favorite of cyber-criminals because they can hide malicious computer programs like viruses, Trojan horse, spywares and other malware in them, which can bypass virus scanners that are used to detect and remove malware.

The Malicious and Fake DHL Email Messages

Subject: Your parcels arrived at our post office (Shipment # 140)
From: Customer Services (info@services-dhl .cn)
Sent: Sun 1/31/16 3:35 PM

Dear customer,

One of our client had posted a parcel in favour of your company, this shipment had arrived at our post-office now and our courier department was unable to deliver shipment to your company's assigned address due to technical issues.

To receive this shipment, we request you print-out mailing information attached and contact nearest DHL office to you for release of items.

Thank you for using DHL Service.

From: DHL Customer Service (
Sent: Tue 1/19/16 5:10 PM
Attachments: DOCUMENT.rar (1194.8 KB)

Dear Customer,

Attached is your Shipping documents/Balance Invoice and copy of DHL receipt for your tracking. Please confirm accordingly if your address is correct, before we submit to our outlet office for dispatch to your destination.


China Loos-veldt Customer's care
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