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Watch Out for Facebook Year in Review Video Scams

Watch Out for Facebook Year in Review Video Scams

Facebook users, you do not need to like, share, or comment on a post or Facebook page to view or edit your Year in Review videos. Scammers are creating and using fake Facebook pages and posts to trick Facebook users into taking part in a scam called Like-Farming, by claiming that they must perform steps such as, liking, sharing, commenting, or filling in surveys in order to view or edit their Year In Review videos.

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Facebook users should always use the following link to watch their Year In Review videos: And, for instructions to share or edit their Year in Review videos, please see information below.

Like-Farming is creating a fake Facebook page to lure people into liking, sharing, or commenting on the same page. Once the page creators, called Like-Farmers, have gathered up hundreds or thousands of likes, comments or shares, they will change the page and promote something else, such as products that they will receive commissions for selling. They may also sell the page and information that was collected from the "likes," comments, shares, or send links to those Facebook users that go to malicious websites that will infect their computers with malware (virus, spyware, ransomware), or to phishing websites that will steal their online account credentials, personal and financial information. Click here to learn more about Like-Farming.

What is Facebook Year in Review Video?

Your Year in Review is a personalized video that lets you highlight and share your meaningful moments from this year. These moments can include photos and posts that you've shared or been tagged in.

To see your Year in Review visit or click Watch Yours on a Year in Review that has been shared by a friend. You may also see your Year in Review video in your News Feed, but it's only visible to you unless you share it.

To share your Year in Review:

To edit your Year in Review before you share it:

You can also edit and share your video by clicking Share Video or Edit Video underneath the video when it shows up in your News Feed.

Note: If you don't see your own Year in Review video, this feature may not be available for you or there may not be enough content to generate a video.

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Remember to forward malicious or phishing email messages to us at the following email address: .

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