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Beware of Bank of America Malicious Credit Debt Email Messages

Beware of Bank of America Malicious Credit Debt Email Messages

Cybercriminals are attempting to infect online users’ computers with viruses, spyware or other malware, by sending them the fake and malicious Bank of America email messages similar to the one below. The fake email messages attempt to frighten the recipients into clicking on the malicious link within them, by claiming that they own money and they need to click on a link in the same email messages to open and follow instructions in a file or document, to prevent Bank of America from taking legal action against them.

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But, the links in the fake email messages goes to a malicious website that will attempt to download and infect the visitors’ computers with viruses, spyware and other malware. Therefore, Bank of America customers who have received the malicious emails (see sample below) are asked to delete them and should take precaution when clicking on links in email messages and opening email attachments. Also, Bank of America customers should call Bank of America to verify any suspicious email messages they have received before following the instructions in them.

A Sample of the Bank of America Malicious Credit Debt Email

Subject: Pay for Credit Debt when Possible

Dear Customer!

Our Lending Division has looked into your payment record for last year and studied out that payments had not been made for last 3 months. We are now working on the issue concerning ways to help you with fulfilling liabilities and settling these arrears. At the same time, we realize you may have had solid reasons for such payment delay. That is exactly why we are contacting you now.

Nevertheless, if you are not resuming your debt settlement, we will have to engage our enforcement units in commencing the law-suit case against you. This is the compulsory measure, so unfortunately, we may not help you. Please make at least the very first payment at the earliest possible time. Alternatively, charges may apply, and then the trial may be run. We have made the full report of your situation. It comprises the payment history, the overall debt amount effective today, and further recommendations on arranging the issue.

Please open and follow instructions as soon as possible.

The file can be found here: [Link Removed]

Sincerely Yours,

Bank of America

Customer Relations Department

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