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Beware of Clickbait, Linkbait or Sensational Headlines

Beware of Clickbait, Linkbait or Sensational Headlines

While browsing the internet, have you ever seen catchy or provocative headlines that are difficult to resist, and when you click on the headlines to continue reading, the webpages or content that you are taken to, often have little or nothing to do with the headlines? Well, if this has happened to you, you have experienced what is called clickbaiting or linkbaiting. Rogue online marketers, and even some legitimate online marketers, are using sensationalist or sensational headlines, or eye-catching links to attract curious online users into clicking on and sharing deceptive article headlines on the internet, especially on social media websites.

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Clickbait or Linkbait is now popular on the internet, especially on social media websites. A lot of websites use clickbait techniques or headlines to drive web traffic to their websites, which in turn, will generate revenues from advertisements placed on the same websites.

Also, cyber-criminals can use the same to trick potential victims into visiting malicious websites, downloading malicious apps or software that will infect the potential victims' computers or devices with a virus, spyware or some other malware.

Below are popular samples of Clickbait or Linkbait headlines that are used by deceptive online publishers, which online users should think twice before clicking on. If you know of any other Clickbait or Linkbait headlines that are not listed below, please post them in the comment section below.

Popular Clickbait, Linkbait Sensational Headlines

  • “Here’s What Happened Next…”
  • “Here’s What Happened When…”
  • "Hurry before this video is banned online."
  • "Made his jaw drop"
  • “And You Won’t Believe What They Did To Get Some”
  • "What happens next will blow your mind”
  • “What We Found Was Shocking”
  • “You’ll be hooked after that, I swear”
  • “You Won’t Believe What He Did Next”
  • “You’ll never look at… once you see these…”
  • “What Happens Next is Awful”
  • “And this happened! I Can’t Believe It!”
  • “You’ll Never Guess Why”
  • “Big Companies Hate Him”
  • “We All Know It, But The Way He Says It…”
  • “What Happens Next Will Surprise You!”
  • “What Every Entrepreneur Must Know!”
  • “What He Did = Epic.”
  • “This Phrase Will Make You Seem More Polite”
  • “The Hot New Phone Everybody Is Talking About”
  • “You Won’t Believe What Happened Next”
  • “You won't believe what happens when...”
  • “Watch This Video To Discover The True Meaning Of Life”
  • “See How One Man Made $$$ In His Bedroom”
  • “Health Insurance Companies HATE This New Trick”
  • “What happened next WILL SHOCK YOU.”
  • “You won’t believe what is…The shocking truth…don’t want YOU to know!”
  • “He’ll Make You Think… He’ll Blow Your Mind.”
  • “How they did amazed me.“
  • “You NEED to See This”
  • “but you'd be amazed at what it really was…”
  • “This will change your life”
  • “With this one weird trick...”
  • “This will restore your faith in humanity”
  • “ won't believe what happens next.”
  • “17 secrets don't want you to know”
  • “Companies/Professionals hate this trick”
  • “How one woman made $$$ in her bedroom”
  • “The 15 fakest/worst/most terrifying...”
  • “Lose 15 kg in 3 months with this natural product”
  • “The hot new everyone is talking about”
  • “Five features power users don't know about”
  • “20 Signs You're actually a…”

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