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Beware of Lottery Scam - "Certificate of Ownership by Facebook Payment Department"

Beware of Lottery Scam - "Certificate of Ownership by Facebook Payment Department"

Facebook users who have received the fake certificate below via email message, which claims that they are winners in a so-called Facebook lottery, and the same certificate is proof that there is a Facebook lottery, is a lottery scam. There is NO Facebook lottery or lotto, and there has never been one. Lottery scammers are contacting Facebook users, pretending to be Facebook employees from the Facebook Lottery Team, and attempting to trick those same Facebook users into believing that they have won a so-called Facebook lottery on behalf of Free Lotto.

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The Fake “Certificate of Ownership by Facebook Payment Department”

Facebook Lottery Team - Facebook Lottery Certificate

Once the lottery scammers have convinced their potential victims into believing they are lottery winners, they will ask them to send money, which they will claim is for taxes, processing fees or some other fees that the potential victims have to pay in order to receive their so-called lottery prizes. But, once the money is sent, the lottery scammers will disappear without a trace with their victims’ money, or some will stick around and continue to milk as much money as possible from their victims.

Remember, never send money, personal or financial information to anyone, who contacted you via email messages, social media messages, text messages, telephone calls, or other means of communications, claiming that you are a lottery winner. Legitimate lottery companies will never ask their winners to send them money, personal or financial information in order to receive their prizes.

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