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Beware of Fake Skype Video Call Alert Messages from Malicious Website -

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Beware of Fake Skype Video Call Alert Messages from Malicious Website -

If you are using Skype, and get a video call alert that claims that you have a video message waiting for you, and when you click on the alert, it takes you to a website, especially the fake Skype website: "," which asks you to download software in order to view the message, please do not. That type of fake video call alert is just another deceptive technique used by cyber-criminals/scammers to trick Skype users into visiting fake websites, where they will be asked to download malicious software that will infect their computers with viruses, Trojan horse, spyware and other malware.

Note: Never visit the fake and malicious Skype website: And, remember that you do not need to install any software in order to view a Skype message. Once you are asked to do so, you maybe on a fake and malicious website that is attempting to trick you into infecting your computer with a virus or some other malware.

Now, once the potential victims’ computers have been infected, the malicious software will allow cyber-criminals/scammers gain remote access to the computers, which they (cyber-criminals/scammers) will use to spy on their potential victims and steal their personal and financial information. The spying on victims includes, using their webcams to monitor and record their activities, recording their keystrokes in order to steal their usernames and passwords, and the copying and transferring of the victims’ sensitive files to a remote server, where they will be read by cyber-criminals.

Also, cyber-criminals may use infected computers to commit cyber-crimes, without the owners of the infected computer knowing. This includes attacking computer networks around the world. The sad thing is that the police will trace the cyber activities back to the victims’ computers, who had no idea their computers were being used to commit a crime.

Skype users should also know that the fake video message alerts links may take them to phishing websites, where cybercriminals will steal their usernames and passwords. Phishing websites are fake websites created to trick someone into believing they are on legitimate websites.

So, if you were tricked into installing malicious software by a fake Skype video call alert message, please do a full scan of your computer with the antivirus software installed on it and change your Skype password.

Below, a victim of a malicious Skype message tells his story:

SKYPE... you get a video call alert that goes on to tell you that you have a video message waiting for you at another web site... when you go there you are prompted to download a proprietary software to view it... when you do a virus is loaded to your computer that even MacAfee is unable to deal with(as of 12/27/2015)... you end up having to do a complete hard drive reset and reinstall windows... this means that unless you have a complete backup you lose everything: programs, data, photos, etc.......this is the message you receive on Skype

“ [1/11/2016 6:14:18 PM] *** Call from NEW VIDEO MESSAGE RECEIVED! PLAY AT ***... I wasn't a member of the site at the time and just now thought to post the alert... luckily I still had the info in my blocked messages file

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Remember to forward malicious or phishing email messages to us at the following email address:

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