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Beware of Virus Email Message - "DHL DeliverNow Notification Card on Lost Shipment"

Beware of Virus Email Message - "DHL DeliverNow Notification Card on Lost Shipment"

The email message below with the subject: "DHL DeliverNow Notification Card on lost shipment (Second Notice )," is a fake, contains a malicious attachment and was not sent by DHL. The malicious email message, which was sent by cyber-criminals, contains the malicious attachment "," which will infect the computers of recipients who attempt to open it, with a virus, Trojan horse, spyware or some other malware. So, recipients of the same email message should delete it and never attempt to open the malicious attachment it contains.

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It is very important to remember never to open an attachment that has a name ending with “.zip” or “.rar”, unless you are expecting it from someone that you trust. Files with names ending with “zip” or “.rar” are compressed files.compressed files are used by cyber-criminals to place malicious software like viruses, Trojan horse or other malware in, because compressed files may sometimes bypass security scanners or software.

The Malicious DHL DeliverNow Notification Card Email Message

Subject: DHL DeliverNow Notification Card on lost shipment ( Second Notice )
From: DHL DeliverNow Network (nszwkqely@vgimalai .ru)


*** This is an automatically generated email, please do not reply ***

Ive received a notification card. What does that mean?

If the delivery agent has been unable to reach you at home, he can deposit your shipment in a PACKSTATION and may leave a notification card with you. This card will allow you to pick up your shipment from a PACKSTATION. This card will allow you to pick up your shipment from a PACKSTATION. This notification card is primarily used as an advertising medium for PACKSTATION. The recipient is thus able to see for themselves how simple the service is without any obligation.

How do I pick up my shipment with the notification card?

The address of the PACKSTATION holding your shipment can be found on the card. At the machine, simply hold the barcode on the card in front of the scanner built into the PACKSTATION. The machine will then guide you through the necessary steps.

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