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Is the Website "" Trustworthy?

Is the Website "" Trustworthy?

We do not trust websites like "," not saying they are all scammers, but because they charge people for services that are free online or on the internet. The website, which claims it provides technical support for Gmail users, said it can help Gmail users recover their passwords, but Gmail has a very easy-to-use password recovery tool. The tool can be accessed by clicking the "Need help?" link at Gmail's homepage at or the link below. Alternatively, Gmail users may search the internet for free help by Googling: "How to change my Gmail password" or "How to recover my Gmail password," and they will find free help on a lot of websites.

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The untrustworthy website GmailSupportAustralia claims it can do the following:

  • Retrieving Lost email account passwords
  • Help to speed up slow e-mail services
  • securing your web mail accounts
  • Removing virus infection

But, all the services listed above are already taken care of by Gmail. Gmail provides a very easy-to-use password recovery tool, they have very fast servers, therefore you will always have lightning fast email service, they secure your emails with very strong SSL encryption technology, and they scan your email messages for threats and warn and protect you against viruses and malware, when you attempt to download a malicious email message attachment. Gmail also protects you against phishing websites that steal online users' information, by blocking and warning their users about links that go to those websites.

Because we are not able to verify the legitimacy of the website: "," we do not recommend using it. Remember, giving someone remote access to your computer or giving someone your credit card and personal information from an organization or company that you know nothing about, may put you at risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime.

Gmail users who want to recover their passwords, change their passwords, or just need help with their accounts, may click or use the following link:

There are alot of websites that claim they provide technical support, but only a few can be trusted. Every year thousands of people are victims of the fake technical support websites created by scammers and cybercriminals that steal credit card information, personal information and online accounts user names and passwords. So, that is why, before doing business with websites, online users should research them first.

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