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Beware of "" and "" - Fake Work-From-Home Websites

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Beware of "" and "" - Fake Work-From-Home Websites

Beware! Big time scam alert! The websites: "," "," "," "" and "" are traffic driver scams posing as a work-from-home websites. Once registered, your referral contact information will be sold to unscrupulous persons by the fake work-from-home websites. After being ripped off of $3300.00, I found out that the company is hosted in Panama to avoid US Legal prosecution, and can only be reached at the following e mail: cascorders@ E mail below

Contact me for more!

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Date: Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 5:16 PM
Subject: Cash Packets Scam

Hello Cash packets,

In good Faith on 3-17 2016 I signed up for your referral program where I was promised a payment of $10.00 for every referral I sent you.

Because I have a large following across many Social Media Platform I was able to exceed the $300.00 Min Payout within 3 days and decided to request it.

So on 3-20 I requested a payout and this is where I got involved in your scam. I went to http://hostingpie .website/pay.php And once in the member area chose the Get a magic eraser sample with participation and the Lifescript Link for the download form.

After several hours of grief being involved with an endless loop of repeated vendor survey offer requests. I never received a code and logged out!

On 3-21- I contacted Lifescript Advantage's Corporates Office and left a On Line Fraud voice mail for their CEO Brian Hogan. Within 30 minutes I received a return call from Alan Adams their Chief Administrative Officer & Registered In-House Counsel.

He was shocked to hear and see that Life scripts fine on line reputation was being compromised and promised to look into the matter and reply accordingly before I took the message to Proctor and Gamble, the California Attorney Generals on Line Fraud Unit, et el!

In this direction I recently received your e mail address from one of their Traffic Suppliers. with hopes that we can reach an amicable settlement. The damage that you have done to my data base of followers cannot easily remedy and I would rather forgo an expensive time consuming surveying process to determine it. But will undertake it if this situation is not remedied quickly.

Having said that, as of today I have supplied you with 327 referrals x $10.00 = $3280.00 The hope is you will place that amount in my Pay Pal Account [email address removed].

I know that because of where you're hosted, I cannot bring Cash Packets to a US Federal Court. But I can and will damage your brand(s) with aggressive SCAM ALERTS across all my social media platforms where I have a GLOBAL reach in the 10's of MILLIONS!

It also appears that in addition to you are also linked to,, and, all of which appear to basically be the exact same website and will all be included in my alerts..

Look forward to hearing from you real soon!


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