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Fraud - "Congratulations from Facebook" New Year Draw is a Lottery Scam

Fraud - "Congratulations from Facebook" New Year Draw is a Lottery Scam

There is NO Facebook lottery, Customer Reward Promotion or program that is giving away thousands or millions of in prizes. Therefore, online users are asked to delete messages like the one below, which claim they are winners in Facebook’s lottery, Cash promotion or award. Also, online users should not follow the instructions in the messages. This is because the fraudulent messages are sent by lottery scammers to trick their potential victims into sending them their personal information, which the scammers will use, in an attempt to scam their potential victims. The scammer may also sell the same personal information to other scammers.

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Online users who have been tricked by the Facebook lottery scam, and who have already sent their personal information, are asked to be careful going forward. This is because the lottery scammers will contact them (online users) with the information that they have sent, and attempt to trick them into sending money or financial information.

A Sample of the Facebook Lottery Scam

Congratulations from Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest Social Networking site which valued more than $100 Billion Dollars and also expecting its One Billion Users to come mainly from Mobile devices than desktop Users by this year 2017, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has decided to boost Users and Companies a WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY by Customer Reward Promotion program and Initial Public Offer said in a press release.

Facebook wants to use this medium to say a very big thank you for your support throughout the year and we do hope you enjoyed your holiday.

We are pleased to inform you of the result of our New Year DRAW held on (9THJanuary, 2017) by Facebook Company in cash Promotion to encourage the usage of Facebook users worldwide your Name and Email was among the 35 Lucky winners who won US$350,000.00 each on the Face book Customer Reward Promotion program award out of over 600 million entries from the Facebook Inc. promotion from our online website database system this year 2017. Attached to Ref# (2551256002/244) and Serial Number# (55643451907).

I want to use this medium on behalf of the entire staffs of the Facebook Inc. to say Congratulations!!!!!

Note that all participants in this Customer Reward Promotion program have been selected through a computerized ballot system from over our ISP. Please do contact the Facebook claims Office immediately.

The Customer Reward Promotion program which is a new innovation by Facebook is aimed at saying A BIG THANKS to you all our users for making Facebook your number one Social Networking to hook up with your families and friends all over the World.

However for the purpose of proper verification among other relevant information, it is imperative that you contact Damian Stone (Claim office) E-mail: ( with the following requirements to avoid double claims;

Legal First and Last Name:

Complete Residential Address & Age:

Direct Telephone No & Fax:

Legal Occupation and Position:

Address of Occupation:

E-mail address:

To avoid unnecessary delays and complications please remember to quote your Reference Number# and Serial Number# in all correspondences. Furthermore, if there is any change in email addresses please contact us on time.

On behalf of the entire board of committee we say congratulations!!!! . If you are not interested please do not bother to reply and CONGRATULATIONS ONCE AGAIN FROM FACEBOOK!!!!

Sheryl Sandberg
Chief Operating Officer of Facebook
Phone:(408) 634-9159

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