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Scam - "Cpt. Kate Carr Lee US Army Medical Team Member Funds Transfer"

Scam - "Cpt. Kate Carr Lee US Army Medical Team Member Funds Transfer"

The email message below, which claims that Cpt. Kate Carr Lee, a US army medical team member, wants help to transer thousands of US dollars, is a scam. The email message was sent by scammmers and should not be responded to with personal information. Every month, thousands of these email messages are sent out by scammers to trick their potential victims into stealing their personal information and sending money. Therefore, online users should never send their personal information to strangers in an email message, or send money to a stranger who contacted them via email message.

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The "Cpt. Kate Carr Lee US Army Medical Team Funds Transfer" Scam


Tue 1/3/2017 12:22 AM

From: "Kate Carr Lee"

I know you will be surprise to read my email Please dont be skeptical to reply me. My name is Cpt. Kate Carr Lee. I am a member of the US ARMY medical team deployed to Iraq because of the current ISIS problems. I discovered trunk boxes containing American dollar bills.

I have deposited two of these boxes with a security company here in Iraq. Am looking for a trust worthy individual who will assist me to receive the funds in his country before l will come over and join the person. Please, I want this to be between you and me since I am still in the service. To prove my sincerity, you are not sending me any money because most of these scams are all about sending money.

For reference click the link below _intervention_against_ISIS 2014/08/08/world/iraq-options 2014/08/20/world/meast/iraq-crisis/

Please send me the following below.

1. Full Name...

2. Address....

3. Occupation...

4. Age..........

5. Your Telephone Number.

As soon as i received these information i will get back to you.

Best Regards

Cpt. Kate Carr Lee

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