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Beware of "PineCone Research Survey" Walmart Phishing Scams

Beware of "PineCone Research Survey" Walmart Phishing Scams

Online users, beware of phishing PineCone Research email messages like the one below, which ask recipients to take part in a Wal-Mart evaluation survey. Every month, thousands of these phishing email messages are sent out by scammers to trick their potential victims into sending them their personal information. Therefore, online users are asked never to respond to unsolicited email messages that request personal or financial information, and to be careful when asked to do surveys that collect personal and sensitive information that can be used against them.

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The “PineCone Research Survey” Walmart Phishing Scam

From: PineCone Research™ []
Sent: Friday, February 10, 2017 9:25 AM
Subject: Survey Directives for Evaluation #85839-1001

Dear Survey Participant,

Your survey packet will be delivered within the next one business day. Enclosed with your packet is a check for $1400 USD

You will visit a Wal-Mart™ store to conduct an evaluation survey on their transfer services for customer satisfaction standards, employees adherence policy, associate skills and facility cleanliness.

As a survey participant you are to carefully observe your experience at the store by acting cool, calm and confident during the period of your evaluation in order not to arouse any suspicion.


Upon receipt of your survey packet, you are to cash the check then proceed to the Wal-Mart™ location to utilize their services in sending a transfer to a panelist at the recipients' end. Visit Wal-Mart™ to find a location to conduct your survey.

You are to deduct $500 USD as your compensation for this survey.

Afterwards, you will proceed to send two transfers of both $450 USD and $420 USD to a panelist for conducting their survey at the recipients' end. You are to conduct one survey for both transfers.

You are to use the balance of $30 USD for the transfer fees by minutes service.



City, State: PHOENIX, ARIZONA (AZ) 85083

First Transfer Amount: $450 USD

Second Transfer Amount: $420 USD


Upon completion of your evaluation at the Wal-Mart™ store, you are to submit the survey report using the parameters below by replying to this Email

Full Name:

Wal-Mart™ Store Address:
Accessibility To Location:
Ambiance Of Store:
Appearance Of Attendant:

Appropriateness Of Attendant:

Courteousness Of Attendant:

Security Protocol (if any):

Time Taken To Complete Evaluation:

Personal Opinion For Future Improvements:

Eight Digits Reference Number Provided On Both Receipts:

Forward your report and questions (if any) by replying to this Email

Thank you for your continued interest and CONFIDENTIAL participation in PineCone Research™... we look forward to being able to include you in our next surveys.


PineCone Research™
250 East 5th St. 9th Fl
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Attn: Karen Scott

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