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Do Not Buy ScanGuard - it is a Fake Antivirus Software

Do Not Buy ScanGuard - it is a Fake Antivirus Software

Online users, DO NOT purchase the so-called antivirus software, ScanGuard, located at for your PC or mobile device. The fake software, which claims it a PC cleanup, optimization, and protection program, constantly trick people into upgrading or paying for it, by falsely claiming their computers or mobile devices are infected with a Trojan horse, virus, spyware or other malware. And, will continuously annoy users, by popping up every few minutes with some fake messages, in an attempt to trick users into buying it.

Please continue reading below. – the Untrustworthy Antivirus Software Website

The cybercriminals behind the fake antivirus (ScanGuard) use the fake antivirus ranking website:, to rank ScanGuard as one of the best antivirus software, in order to trick online users into buying it.

Online users, stay away from the fake antivirus software ranking website: and do not believe in its fake antivirus ranking. It is only used by cyber criminals to trick online users into buying a fake antivirus software, by listing the fake antivirus software as the #1 or #2 ranked software.

Why is ScanGuard Antivirus a Scam?

I installed a clean or a fresh new copy of Windows 7 on a computer (virtual machine). Remember, this is a new installation of Windows with nothing installed on it. Then I installed free and very popular antivirus software: Avast, AVG, Avira, Commodo and Bitdefender on the same computer. Scan the same computer with all five antivirus software, and none detected any viruses, Trojan horse, spyware, or malware.

Now, I downloaded and installed ScanGuard on the same freshly installed Windows 7 computer. Scan the same computer with ScanGuard, and to my surprise, ScanGuard claims that it has detected viruses and other malware on the newly installed Windows 7 computer that has only genuine software on it. Then it wanted me to pay to do a clean-up to remove the so-called viruses and other malware it claimed it has detected. Also, Microsoft Windows doesn't even recognize it as antivirus software.

Online users, please do not purchase and installed ScanGuard on your computers and mobile devices. And, online users who have already installed ScanGuard and used their credit cards on, are asked to remove it and check their credit card statements carefully for any unauthorized transactions and report it to their banks.

We recommend installing popular free or paid antivirus software. Click here a list of the free, popular and trustworthy antivirus software.

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