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Beware of American Express Emails with an Attached Form or HTML Web Page

Beware of American Express Emails with an Attached Form or HTML Web Page

American Express users, be aware of phishing email messages like the ones below that are being sent by cybercriminals to potential victims, with an attached form or HTML Webpage requesting personal and financial information. American Express will never send their users an email message with an attached form or HTML Webpage requesting personal, financial or account information. Therefore, American Express users are asked to delete email messages with an attached form or HTML Webpage requesting the same information.

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Also, they should not follow the instructions in the phishing email messages, and if they are in doubt or uncertain about an email message that they have received, they should contact American Express Customer Support for help verifying the email message authenticity.

Samples of American Express Phishing Emails with Attached Forms or HTML Web Page

Dear CardMemeber:

American Express would greatly appreciate your co-operation. Our records indicate that you recently made your card payment on American Express but you did not follow up on update on your profile as requested by us.

Since our goal is to deliver the best service possible, this update is important in helping us recognize and improve the quality of our customer service. The update should only take a few minutes to complete.

Please note this electronic notification is to inform you the inability to authenticaate your account information due to a routine security runs in the new Amex Platform.

You are requested to review your account information to prevent future attention with your online access.

To get started, An attached File of a Web Page was sent with this email.

See Attached for HTML Web Page

Download and Save it to Desktop

Go to Desktop to open the HTML Web Page

Continue by Filling Out your Information

We appreciate your participation and encourage an early response, as the update is only open for three days and will no longer be accessible, which will lead to temporary block on your care.


American Express Customer Care

From: American Express []

Sent: Sunday, December 25, 2016 7:41 AM


Subject: Notice Concerning your CardMember Account.

Account Information Email

Primary Card Holder(s) should act on this information.

We made improvements on card security approach. These recent improvements serve to reduce unusual activity that may arise from fraudulent use of card and also maintain our consistent cardmember satisfactory.

This mandates Cardmember to act on the instructions below.

As a security measure, your Card(s) will be deactivated 45 days from today if no action is taken.

Prompt Attention Required - See Below

- See Attached Form then Download.

- Open the downloaded attached Form. (You prompt to enter Form PASSWORD)

- Password is "GEU030110". (case sensitive)

- Continue Steps by filling out the Form to complete.

Thank you for your continued Membership. We appreciate your prompt attention and hope you will enjoy your new Chip Card.

American Express Customer Care

American Express

For your security:

Card Member:

Account Starting:


American Express

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