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Beware of "Facebook Group Email Addresses" Lottery Scams

Beware of "Facebook Group Email Addresses" Lottery Scams

Facebook users who have received messages like the one below," which claim that they are winners in the Facebook email address lottery, are asked to delete them. They should also not follow the instructions in them. This is because the messages are lottery scams sent by scammers to trick Facebook users into believing that they have won some so-called Facebook Group lottery.

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The scammers will then ask Facebook users to send money, which they will claim is for taxes, fees, or for some form of charges, in order to claim their prizes. But, there is no such Facebook lottery or promotion. And, once the lottery scammers receive their victims' money, they will disappear, leaving the victims broke, fustrated and depress. Some of the lottery scammers may continue to scam the same victims by telling them some bogus story, in order to convince them to send more money.

The Facebook Lottery Scam

Dear Winner,

This is real and not a joke or spam message. We wish to congratulate you once again on your victory as one of the Facebook Winners which emanated from random selection of email addresses from different email domains which your email address emerged a second class winning position of 900,000USD.

In order to claim this winning {900,000USD} , you are expected to come to our office at 129 PENNSYLVANIA AVE NW, STE 8000 WASHINGTON DC, USA to sign A PAYMENT RELEASE ORDER WITHIN 14 DAYS EXPIRATION. In this option, No fee's required by any winner and Impersonation is not tolerated. That is to say, No third party should stand on behalf of any winner to claim his or her money. This is to avoid fraud of any type.

But winners should bear in mind that, transportation expenses and hotel reservations{Accommodations} will be settled by the winner.

On the contrary, winners who could not come over to US for Cash Payment, should give a reasonable excuse to enable us give them a second and secured option {TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER OPTION}, that will help them receive their funds within 3days.

We have also attached your winning Certificate herein. Original copy will be sent to your address alongside FACEBOOK PAYMENT CONFIRMATION CERTIFICATE via DHL as soon as you claim your money is credited to your nominated account.

SEND US YOUR FULL DETAILS, Name , Address , Nationality, Occupation,Telephone number, Gender.

Yours in service

Lucas Swat

Facebook Group

Regional Representative

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