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Beware of WhatsApp Donation Hoaxes or Fake-News

Beware of WhatsApp Donation Hoaxes or Fake-News

WhatsApp does not make charitable donations for sharing photos, messages, audio, or posts. Therefore, WhatsApp users should not share posts with instructions to share a photo or message to help raise money for someone in need. Below is a sample of a WhatsApp hoax or fake-news that is currently being circulated on the social media messaging platform.

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A Sample of a WhatsApp Donation Sharing Hoax or Fake-News

WhatsApp Donation Sharing Hoax

This young girl has a clot in her brain. The operation costs 30 lakhs. Her parents cannot bear that burden. WhatsApp says if this photo is shared she will be given one rupee per share by WhatsApp. I request you to share with as many as you can. Please help her. MAY GOD BLESS HER. PROFESSOR RVRAO. JNTU

The hoax will not harm your mobile device or computer but will cause millions of WhatsApp users to be flooded with posts or messages with misinformation from their friends, who think they are doing the charitable thing of helping to raise money for someone in need.

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