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Beware of Scam: "Yahoo Lottery Award!! Dear Winner, View The Attachment"

The email message below with the subject: "Yahoo Lottery Award!!Dear Winner, View The Attachment," is a lottery scam, designed to trick the recipients into sending their personal information and money to scammers, by claiming that they are winners of the Yahoo Lottery Award. But, the email message, which appears as a Yahoo Award notification, was not sent by Yahoo, and there is currently no Yahoo lottery, so recipients of the email message are being asked not to send their hard earned money to the cyber-criminals behind the scam. Also, Yahoo will never ask its users to send them their personal information via email message. ... Click here to continue reading.

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England Rugby World Cup 2015 Lottery Draw Scam

The email message below with the subject: "England Rugby World Cup 2015," which claims the recipients are lucky beneficiaries of two hundred and fifty thousand Rand(R250,000), for the ongoing 2015 England Rugby World Cup, is a scam. The email message should not be responded to, especially with personal or financial information. Every month, thousands of these email messages are sent out by scammers to trick their potential victims into stealing their personal information and/or sending money for fake lottery draws or sweepstakes prizes. ... Click here to continue reading.

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Beware of "Get a Free $100 Cheesecake Factory Gift Coupon Now" Facebook Scam

Here is another scam Facebook users should beware of: "Get a Free $100 CHEESECAKE FACTORY Gift Coupon now.". The fraudulent post was created to lure Facebook users to the fraudulent website: "thecheesecakefectory .com," by claiming they can get a $100 Cheesecake Factory coupon. But, there is no $100 Cheesecake Factory coupon, and it is only a scam to get Facebook users to comment on, "like" or share the same deceptive post that is spreading the fake coupon, with their friends. The scam will also attempt to trick potential victims into completing surveys, which the scammers will get paid for. ... Click here to continue reading.

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Scam Alert: Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Tax Evasion Telephone Calls

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is warning Australians about pre-recorded scam calls claiming that they will be arrested for tax evasion. The video below is one of the pre-recorded scam calls being used by scammers to steal their victims’ money. The ACMA reminds Australians to be vigilant at tax time, a busy time for scammers, and should remember never to provide personal or financial information in response to unsolicited calls. ... Click here to continue reading.

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Voice Alert Scams Being Used to Trick People into Believing Their Computers Are Infected

Scammers have found a new technique, which they are using to trick their potential victims into believing their computers are infected with viruses. The technique uses voice alerts or messages to grab the scammers' potential victims’ attention, by claiming the victims’ computers have been infected with viruses and they should call a telephone number or visit a website in order to have the viruses remove. But, there is no virus, and internet users who have heard a voice coming from their computer speakers, claiming their computers have been infected or taken over by hackers, should not follow instructions in the voice message or alert. ... Click here to continue reading.

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Beware of Facebook Powerball Grant Program Scams

There is no Facebook Powerball Grant Program. So, if someone sends you a message, an email, or if you see an advertisement or a message pops up on your screen, asking you to send money in order to receive thousands of dollars in return, it is a scam. The scammers behind the fake program will make it seem convincing, by claiming Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is in charge of the program. But, this is not true, and is only another lottery scam created by cyber-criminals, to steal thousands of dollars from their victims. ... Click here to continue reading.

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