Facebook Hoax: "Hackers Posting Sexual Videos and Pictures On Your Wall"

Facebook Hoax: "Hackers Posting Sexual Videos and Pictures On Your Wall"

If you are asked to share the post: "URGENT WARNING TO ALL FACEBOOK USERS! Hackers Posting Sexual Videos and Pictures" or anything that states that hackers are posting sexual videos and pictures on your Facebook wall, please do not share and/or like the post. It is a HOAX and is spreading like wildfire on Facebook and the rest of the internet.

The Facebook Hoax

Facbook Hoax: Hackers Posting Sexual Videos and Pictures On Your Wall

The hoax states that hackers have infiltrated your Facebook account, and are able to post videos and pictures to your wall. This hoax further states that the posted images, videos, links and messages cannot be viewed by you, but can be viewed by your Facebook friends, appearing as if it was posted by you. But this is partially correct.

Cyber-criminals are tricking Facebook users into sending them their Facebook user names and passwords using phishing scams and malicious links(XSS), which they will use to hijack their accounts. Like the hoax said, the cyber-criminals will post images, videos, links and messages on their victims' Facebook Wall/Timeline, which the victims' friends will see and will appear as if they were sent by the victims. But, it will not prevent the victims from seeing the same posts. Remember, not everything that is posted on your Facebook Wall/Timeline are shown to you at the same time. If that was the case, then your Wall/Timeline would be fluttered with too much information, so Facebook only shows you some of the information or the most relevant information at different times.

If you want to know what was posted on your Wall/Timeline, or want a history or record of things posted on your Wall/Time, please click here for information.

How to Protect Your Facebook Account

  1. do not allow unknown Facebook applications access to your profile
  2. remove unknown or malicious Facebook applications from your account; click here for information
  3. stop using your Facebook account to sign up for services on other websites
  4. beware of fake or phishing Facebook websites that will attempt to steal your user name and password

If things that you didn't post are showing up your on Facebook Wall/Timeline, please follow step 2 in the list above and change your Facebook password. Click here to change your Facebook password.

Tell your family and friends not to share, "like" or comment on this hoax, so we can stop it from spreading.

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