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WALLMART .com Phishing Website and Email

Date: May 18, 2013 8:47 AM - Views: 1,797 - Comment Comment: 0
WALLMART .com Phishing Website and Email

Scammers have created the phishing website "Wallmart .com" and have sent emails to thousands of persons with links to this website, in an attempt to steal their personal information. Do not confuse this website with the legitimate website "". The difference is the scammers have created this scamming website name by adding an extra "L" to the legitimate website name.

This is the legitimate website name: WALMART.COM.
This is the scamming website name: WALLMART .COM.

Note the scamming website has an extra "L".

The phishing email that is being sent has the subject "Thanks for your Order" and contains links to the phishing website Wallmart .com.

The phishing scam email will claim that you have ordered something from Wal-Mart.

This is how the phishing email looks

Wallmart phishing email

Do not click on any of the links in this email message and do not visit the website Wallmart .com.

When visiting Wal-Mart’s website, do not click on any links to go this website, instead type the "" in your web browser and press the  "Enter" key or click the "Go" button.

Web browser address bar:

This will ensure that you are on the legitimate website WALMART.COM and not some other fake website.

The legitimate website issued the following statement:

There was a false email sent to a number of people this morning claiming to be from This email looks like a confirmation of a purchase made on, but is actually a phishing email attempting to gather information from the recipient. Again, this email is not from and it is important that recipients DO NOT click on any links in the email or respond in any way. We are investigating the source of the email and working with appropriate authorities. For more details, visit the Help Center.

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