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Facebook Freedom Award Lottery Promotion Agency Scam

Date: June 20, 2013 10:19 AM - Views: 10,954 - Article ID:5031 - Comments: 14
Facebook Freedom Award Lottery Promotion Agency Scam

The Facebook Freedom Lottery located at , is a scam. Thousands of persons are receiving messages which claim that their names are on the Face-book Freedom Lottery (FFL) winners list.

This is how the Facebook page looks:

Facebook FreedomLottery page

The owner of the Freedom Lottery page, “Freedom Lottery, told everyone who stated that they have gotten a message claiming that they are winners, to send an email to the claims manager at or

I sent an email to them and this was the response:

You need to purchase the FORM. The FORM acts as your tickets and as soon as you purchase it here online then your winnings would be delivered to you in 24hours after.
Thank You.
Claims Manager.

Persons have claimed that they have sent money to claim their prizes, but did not receive them.

Always remember this golden rule: if you are asked to send money in order to receive money (your prize), it is a scam.

Now, the same owner of the Facebook FreedomLottery page started telling persons to register on their website at hxxp:// I visited this website and realized that the website was taken down (suspended) by their hosting company.

Here is the website ( with the suspension notice suspended

It is so strange that a website like this would be suspended. On their Facebook page, someone asked on March 2013, why their website was suspended. Their response was: “We are undergoing an upgrade system.. Pls be patient with us”.

Facebook FreedomLottery posts

For more than four months now, the website is still suspended. Four months of upgrade to a website seems extremely farfetched.

Here are some of the fake Facebook Freedom Lottery messages you may receive:

Have you heard. about the money $200,000 cash i got from the Face- book Freedom Lottery(FFL) with the Collaboration IBC imperia invest company. I wonder if you get your money yet because I saw your name on the Face-book Freedom Lottery(FFL) list and I ask, they told me they will bring money to you too.

 wonder if you get your money yet because I saw your name on the Face-book Freedom Lottery(FFL) list and I ask, they told me they will bring money to you too…. Do you receive your own money yet ?? You need to contact the agent right now on , he will get back to you asap cux he is 24hrs online and let you know what to do to get your money okay.


They may ask you to call them at telephone number 17577454464. Please do not.

If you receive any messages or phone calls from Facebook-Freedom Lottery, about winning money, please DO NOT:

  • send an email to the email address that they have posted on their Facebook page or post
  • send your money
  • “Like”, comment or post anything on their Facebook page. This will only help spread this scam to others

I have reported the “Facebook FreedomLottery” located at to Facebook.

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Comments or Questions (14)

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  • Anonymous: 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    This guy from the FBI (red flag) FBI don't get involved with a lottery. His name is George Wales Jr according to the facebook message I received.. saying I have to fill out the form right now was I ready??? What I look like I got stupid written on my face... SCAMMMMM! ~

  • Anonymous: 3 months, 1 week ago

    I received a message from a fb friend who said they saw my name on the ffl list. Told me to email officerperry@ they said if I sent 575 for shipping fees they would send me 150,000,000. And that I would receive it at my doorstep in 6 hours via ups. Since when was UPS given the rights to carry that much money in cash without security??? They said they were trying to help the public with poverty. ~

  • Anonymous: 3 months, 1 week ago

    i just got one of those messages on my facebook page by a friend to do with facebook freedom lottery telling me the same thing that she saw my name on the winning list and the name of the man organising it his name is DAVID SCOFIELD ~

  • Anonymous: 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Here is fraudulent email address: ~

  • Anonymous: 3 months, 4 weeks ago

    What I find stupid is there group Facebook site is still up when will someone take it down surely its been reported. These people are trying to steal hard earning money. It's so shameful I received a MSG this morning from a work friend and I'm glad I googled the name of the company before I emailed.

    How are you doing ,have you heard about the $950,000.00 usd, i got from the on-going seasonal Face-book Freedom Lottery and end of the year winning promo, they are helping all people with the Cash now. I wonder if you got your money yet because I saw your name on the world facebook lottery winners list and I ask them, they told me they will bring money to you as well, email them to so they can bring your money to you too. here is mr Steven David Williams name on facebook Steven David Williams search for him by this name Steven David Williams and add him as friend or u go under my friend list and add him as friend. so that they can bring your own win money to you.okay ~

  • Anonymous: 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    We received a scanned certificate copy with the name of my niece on it and now I see it's a scam. Thank you for warning. ~

  • info: 6 months, 1 week ago

    Your friend's Facebook account may have compromised or he/she has installed a malicious Facebook application that is sending these scams to you. Ask you friend to change his/her Facebook password and remove any Facebook application they are not familiar with.

    Click here for instructions on how to remove Facebook applications. ~

  • Anonymous: 6 months, 1 week ago

    I just received a facebook message from a recently added friend (someone I actually know) claiming he had won $100,000 cash from the facebook freedom lottery in collaberation with world international lottery agency company. He then proceeded to inform me that he had seen my name on the list of winners and sent me a link where I could enter to claim my reward. Obviously I did not click on the link, howver I am curious how this message was sent from one of my actual friends.??? ~

  • Anonymous: 7 months, 0 week ago

    heres another scam Robert David hxxp:// they ask u to pay $600 through western union to a Sokoya Roberts in Nigeria for shipping fees to get your winnings delivered to you...they claim to be the official facebook freedom award promotion lottery agency corporation...golden not pay money to get money ~

  • info: 7 months, 4 weeks ago

    This is not true. Never send money to receive money. ~

  • Anonymous: 7 months, 4 weeks ago

    I have someone online claiming to be from facebook lottery but I have to pay 600 n 80 dollars b4 I get money is this true ~

  • Anonymous: 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    Conversation started Wednesday 3:15pm
    Veronica A Jnagy
    Veronica A Jnagy
    How are you doing ,have you heard about the money $150,000 cash i got from the Face-book Freedom Lottery(FFL) with the Collaboration with IBC Imperia Invest Company.They are giving money to deaf and hearing people.
    I wonder if you get your money yet because I saw your name on the Face-book Freedom
    Lottery(FFL) list and I ask, they told me they will bring money to you too. Email to them now on Do that now so you can get your own money too. ~

  • Anonymous: 9 months, 1 week ago

    ALL they do is keep asking me for money saying I won a major cash winning. They keep asking me for money they need to send the winnings. So far I am out $18,622.00 ~

  • Anonymous: 10 months, 0 week ago

    Do anyone know Rebekah Hessy ~

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